isopropyl alcohol

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i·so·pro·pyl alcohol

A clear, colorless, flammable, mobile liquid, C3H8O, that is a secondary alcohol. It is used in antifreeze compounds, in lotions and cosmetics, and as a solvent for gums, shellac, and essential oils.

i′sopro′pyl al′cohol

a colorless, flammable liquid, C3H8O, used in antifreeze and rubbing alcohol and as a solvent.
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Noun1.isopropyl alcohol - alcohol used as antifreeze or a solvent
alcohol - any of a series of volatile hydroxyl compounds that are made from hydrocarbons by distillation

isopropyl alcohol

n alcohol isopropílico
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EKC virus is not adequately disinfected by 70% isopropyl alcohol, which many eye clinics routinely use.
APW's ACE-1L is an acetone wipe, which makes it ideal for use in strict VOC regulatory environments where isopropyl alcohol cannot be used.
The lesion on the lateral side of abdomen was swabbed with isopropyl alcohol.
Wipe off grease, mildew or mold with a cleaning cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol.
As seen in Table-1, the acidic order for compounds 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 3g and 3i is: isopropyl alcohol Greater than N,N-dimethyl formamide Greater than t-butyl alcohol Greater than acetonitrile, for compounds 3f and 3h is: isopropyl alcohol Greater than t-butyl alcohol Greater than N,N-dimethyl formamide Greater than acetonitrile, for compound 3e is: isopropyl alcohol Greater than t-butyl alcohol Greater than N,N-dimethyl formamide Greater than acetonitrile.
Cast-concrete Fire Rocks, fueled by an isopropyl alcohol solution, will put you in the mood for a mai tai at sunset.
The drink has been tested by the West Yorkshire Public Analyst and found to contain chloroform and isopropyl alcohol.
Furthermore, the clinical team wanted to know if detecting isopropyl alcohol in the alcohol screen implied that the homemade liquor ingested by the patient contained isopropyl alcohol.
The spirit contained isopropyl alcohol, which is widely used as a solvent and a cleaning fluid.
This suggests that the freezing rate is more accurate than the isopropyl alcohol method, which is crucial if a cell line is to survive cryopreservation.
Patients and healthcare providers should not use the alcohol prep pads packaged with these medicines and should instead use an alternate alcohol prep pad that is not involved with the Triad Group recall, or alternatively use a sterile gauze pad in conjunction with isopropyl alcohol for disinfecting the injection site prior to administration.
Prices will also increase for all of Sun Chemical Rycoline blanket and roller washes, specialty solvents, isopropyl alcohol, alcohol replacement and aqueous coatings.