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n. Abbr. I
A quantum number related to the number of charge states of a baryon or meson.

[iso(topic) + spin.]


(General Physics) an internal quantum number used in the classification of elementary particles. Particles which have very similar properties except for those associated with their charge are regarded as forms of the same fundamental particle with different components of the isospin in a certain direction in an imaginary space. Also called: isobaric spin or isotopic spin

i′sotop′ic spin′

a quantum number that is related to the number of different values of electric charge that a given kind of baryon or meson may have. Symbol: I Also called isospin.
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Y] acting on the two SU(2) weak isospin flavor states [+ or -] 1/2 in each lepton family and each quark family.
Among the topics are no-core shell model and reactions, direct reactions with exotic nuclei, isoscaling and symmetry energy in dynamical fragment formation, "pasta" phases in dense stars, and isospin effects on fragmentation mechanisms.
In the case of the strong interaction, the gauge symmetry is the isospin symmetry--the strong interactions are invariant under rotations in the isospin space).
superallowed [beta]-transitions within isospin triplets provided the relevant nuclear physics corrections may be applied with confidence [5].
He suggested an isospin source might render the results of all fifth force experiments compatible, which prompted other researchers to test the hypothesis.
Experiments have determined that the left-handed EW isospin flavor states are linear superpositions of mass eigenstates.
In these proceedings of the conference of July 2004, contributors describe their results and research on nuclei near the limits of spin, excitation, energy, isospin and charge.
1], where the subscript denotes the exchange meson and the superscript indicates the isospin change.
in Nuclear Physics in 1968 from Duke University, where he conducted pioneering research in isospin conservation in nuclear reactions.
The EW isospin states define the flavor of the fundamental lepton and quark states.
PV](n,[alpha])) would provide information about the relative strengths of the weak meson exchange amplitudes, and with the longitudinal analyzing power measurement in the p + [alpha] system, allow the first comparison between isospin mirror systems in weak NN interaction.
in Nuclear Physics from Duke University, where he conducted pioneering research in isospin conservation in nuclear reactions.