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Equilibrium in the earth's crust such that the forces tending to elevate landmasses balance the forces tending to depress landmasses.

[iso- + Greek stasis, a standstill; see stā- in Indo-European roots + -y.]

i′so·stat′ic (ī′sō-stăt′ĭk) adj.
i′so·stat′i·cal·ly adv.


in an isostatic manner
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The stack of tapes was isostatically laminated followed by slow heating to remove the binder and volatilize the carbon.
Long-term sea level rise is confirmed by tidal gauge measurements, showing that the isostatically controlled declining trend of mean sea level in Finland and northern Estonia, which was evident up to the early 1980s, has changed to a nearly stable trend (Johannsson et al.
1) Phase I occurred more than 15 000 ya and represents deglaciation in a proglacial marine environment and formation of the DeGeer Sea by a marine incursion that occupied isostatically depressed portions of southeastern New Brunswick.
The Z2 Syncarb crucible is a high pressure, isostatically pressed, hybrid SiC/clay-graphite crucible that achieves optimal life when melting copper and copper alloys in induction and gas fired furnace applications.
2] sintered (and sometimes hot isostatically pressed) to 96-99.
With crustal thinning and stretching, the crustal root became more buoyant, isostatically rebounding out of the mantle, and uplifting the flanks of the rift zone to form the modern Gamburtsevs about 100 million years ago, the authors claimed.
This pattern occurs because older beaches and dunes were isostatically raised during intervening regressions, which exposed progressively younger surfaces on which dunes could grow.
Material used in corrosion tests in HCl solution was a cold isostatically pressed (CIP)-[Al.
The Commission said it had identified competition concerns relating to the markets for isostatically pressed products and foam filters.
The very hot gas is then under very high pressure such that it acts like a hot forge isostatically.
They are isostatically molded from virgin PTFE for improved chemical compatibility.