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One of two or more atoms whose nuclei have the same number of neutrons but different numbers of protons.

[Alteration of isotope (with n for neutron replacing p as though for proton).]


(Chemistry) one of two or more atoms of different atomic number that contain the same number of neutrons


(ˈaɪ səˌtoʊn)

one of two or more atoms having an equal number of neutrons but different atomic numbers.
[< French (1934), alter. of isotope, by substituting n (the initial letter of neutron) for p (the initial letter of proton)]
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1) [direct sum] : P x P [right arrow] P is isotone.
Medical evaluations for the Lymphedema-Distichiasis Syndrome may include slit-lamp examinations by an Ophthalmologist, physical examinations to determine manifestation presence and cellulitis evidence, Isotone Lymphoscintigraphy [10] for confirming lymphatic abnormalities, and heart examinations if Arrhythmia or heart murmurs are detected.
Radenovic, Common fixed point theorems for weakly isotone increasing mappings in ordered partial metric spaces, to appear in MCM, 2011
First, in Section 2, we establish the existence of common fixed points for a pair of weakly isotone increasing multivalued mappings under a general weakly contractive condition in partially ordered metric spaces.
Para a regressao isotonica com pesos iguais, utilizou-se a funcao isoreg do pacote isotone, e, para a ponderada, ou seja, com pesos diferentes, utilizou-se a funcao cirpava do pacote cir (R DEVELOPMENT CORE TEAM, 2010).
6: Let S,T be inverse semigroups and f,g are continuous isotone maps from S into T.
Other topics addressed include asymptotic oracle properties of SCAD-penalized least squares estimators, critical scaling of stochastic epidemic models, additive isotone regression, and Talagrand's convex hull concentration inequality.
The accurate dosing of two dispensers from Rieke Packaging Systems Englass were key to their selection by leading Swiss sports nutrition manufacturer WinForce for the dispensing of its "all natural" isotonic drink Isotone, Isotone--available in pomegranate-lime and lemon-juniper flavours--contains no additives, such as stabilisers, preservatives or sweeteners.
The fluid that was placed into the test reservoir was obtained from the original fluid by diluting the original fluid about 500 times using Isotone fluid.
n][right arrow]2, is called positive or isotone if f preserves the order.