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Talibudeen O (1957) Isotopically exchangeable phosphorus in soils.
t] is the total quantity of P that is isotopically exchangeable (the [E.
However, there are several limitations to the widespread use of this methodology: this approach is useful when the potential sources are few and isotopically distinct (29), and sample preparation for TIMS is relatively costly and time consuming.
You are what you eat, isotopically," Wassenaar says.
Isonics is a world leader in isotopically engineered materials and through its semiconductor division produces isotopically pure silicon-28 chemicals, silicon-on-insulator wafers, wafer reclaim services and test wafers, including 300mm, for the semiconductor industry.
Isonics to Accelerate Development of Isotopically Pure Silicon-28 Wafers
Because methane hydrate is rich in isotopically light carbon-12, the methane temporarily floods the ocean with extra carbon-12, the scientists report in the March Geology.
May 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Isonics Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: ISON) and San Jose-based Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: CY) announced today that they have signed a joint research and development agreement to explore the use of isotopically pure silicon-28 in semiconductor memory devices.
Isotopically light carbon can therefore serve as a chemofossil, or molecular remnant of life.
Isonics Corporation Delivers Isotopically Pure Silicon-28 Wafers to AMD
The isotopically labeled compounds are extremely uncommon in nature, so they can be detected readily.
April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Isonics Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: ISON) announced today that it has signed a joint research and development agreement with Silex Systems Limited of North Ryde, New South Wales, Australia to collaborate on new technologies for the development of isotopically pure silicon for the semiconductor industry.