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n. pl. issei or is·seis
A Japanese immigrant, especially one to the United States.

[Japanese : ichi, one, first (from Middle Chinese ʔjit (also the source of Mandarin , one), ultimately from Proto-Sino-Tibetan *it; akin to Burmese, ʔac) + sei, generation (from Middle Chinese ʂiaj`, generation, world; also the source of Mandarin shì).]


a first generation Japanese immigrant to the USA



n., pl. -sei. (sometimes l.c.)
a Japanese immigrant to North America, esp. one who came to the U.S. prior to World War II and was ineligible for citizenship before 1952. Compare Kibei, Nisei, Sansei.
[1935–40; < Japanese, =is first + sei generation]
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While the former reflects his Japanese culture passed down by his Issei father, with a special emphasis on the haiku as a form of expression, the latter's poems incorporate areas of inquiry and exploration perhaps not traditionally associated with Nikkei writers, such a gender and sexual orientation (159).
Many issei tended to identify with the Japanese Emperor and the myth of common descent with the Yamato race.
Unsurprisingly, the foreign destinations that beckoned most to the Issei were the United States and Hawaii.
Issei Nishikawa to reactivate two idled reactors at Kansai Electric Power Co.
Local governments, including Fukui Prefectural Governor Issei Nishikawa, have called for provisional safety guidelines as one of the requirements for restarts.
Elsewhere, incumbents dominated the votes with victories for Issei Nishikawa in Fukui, Shogo Arai in Nara, Shinji Hirai in Tottori, Zembei Mizoguchi in Shimane, Kamon Iizumi in Tokushima, Yasushi Furukawa in Saga, and Katsusada Hirose in Oita.
His topics include the modern development of Shin Buddhism, ministries in North America, the transformation of rituals and architecture, doctrine reconstructed, local and translocal activities of Issei Shin Buddhist ministers, and rethinking acculturation in the postmodern world.
We view this story, if accurate, as positive for both companies," analyst Issei Takahashi of Credit Suisse said in a note to clients.
Sanfrecce took the lead with second-half goals by Kazuyuki Morisaki and Issei Takayanagi, before Robert Cornthwaite equalized with a header in the 77th minute and Cassio deflected in a free-kick for the winner three minutes later.
Captain Travis Dodd opened the scoring with a glancing header after 11 minutes but Sanfrecce raced to a 2-1 lead after a volley from Kazuyuki Morisaki in the 55th minute and a header from Issei Takayanagi 20 minutes later.
As a second-generation Japanese Canadian (Nisei), Ayukawa examines this history as part of her efforts to learn more about her parents and the complex story of Issei experiences and attitudes.
With: Rei Yoshii, Asami Imajuku, Ira Ishida, Issei Takahashi, Kami Hiraiwa, Naomi Akimoto.