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v. i·tem·ized, i·tem·iz·ing, i·tem·iz·es
1. To place or include on a list of items: itemized her expenses on the proper form.
2. To list the items of: itemized the expense account.
To list deductions from taxable income on a tax return: This benefit is available only to taxpayers who itemize.

i′tem·i·za′tion (ī′tə-mĭ-zā′shən) n.
i′tem·iz′er n.
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Noun1.itemization - the act of making a list of items
organisation, organization - the activity or result of distributing or disposing persons or things properly or methodically; "his organization of the work force was very efficient"
inventorying, stocktaking, stock-taking, inventory - making an itemized list of merchandise or supplies on hand; "an inventory may be necessary to see if anything is missing"; "they held an inventory every month"


ndetaillierte Aufstellung, Einzelaufführung f
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Any itemization of what's great about the North East that didn't in some form include the Roman Wall or Durham Cathedral, for example, would be rather shoddy, while things like Beamish, the Great North Run and Sage Gateshead have always been there or thereabouts.
Real time publishing of all merchant customizations and updates to the team, including itemization of business services, receipt design, coupon creation and more
It does not call for itemization of the actual costs per item.
According to Rosch's itemization, these totems entail would-be onanistic portraits of his head, shoulder, arm, knee, and appendages, but any literal reference is eschewed in favor of fragmented formal jokes or a total absence of correlation.
According to the report, the lack of itemization of services provided has limited the state's ability to properly estimate the fiscal effect of implementing the newly passed House Bill 5.
Christopher Markey (D-Dartmouth), House Bill 448, would do exactly that, requiring MIAA to include an accounting of dues and donations collected, gate receipts and concession revenues from competitions, itemization of salaries and expenses, and the criteria for selecting and costs for obtaining post-season venues for playoff and championship games.
Second, it should also include itemization on what furniture and other items are part of the apartment for the tenant, and in what condition.
Good Faith Estimate (GFE) to substitute for itemization of amount financed
One revision to the version of the executive branch is the itemization of exemption case from the tax, including the obtaining of realty via urban renewal projects.
The procedures are clearly and beautifully presented with photos and drawings as well as bulleted itemization of important points related to indications, examination and imaging, treatment options, controversies, pearls and pitfalls, surgical anatomy, positioning, portals and exposures, equipment and instrumentation, steps of the procedure itself, postoperative care, and complications.
16, 1961, SaarinenAAEs contribution to the show is a neatly organized itemization of things large and small, urgent and not so urgent.
As the court said in the 2005 Urziceanu case, speaking about the state Legislature's expansion of the 1996 medical marijuana referendum: "Its specific itemization of the marijuana sales law indicates it contemplates the formation and operation of medicinal marijuana cooperatives that would receive reimbursement for marijuana and the services provided in conjunction with the provision of that marijuana.