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Marked by iteration; repeating.
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The main goals of this workshop were to successfully instill the self-confidence and impart the knowledge necessary for iterant scientific writers to publish in a peer-reviewed journal.
Before roughly tracing Shin's iterant career, which led him from war-torn Seoul to Pyongyang, where he spent most of the 1980s making films for Kim Jong-il, and finally to Hollywood for a batch of sequels to 3 Ninjas (sic), the book starts with an excellent chapter that draws on early Korean film theory.
The book trace Rochefort's life from a childhood of an iterant Irishman to the pinnacle of a career as a cryptanalyst providing ADM Nimitz with the vital information that allowed him to place his limited resources advantageously to counter the Japanese attempt to take Midway.
A mother's love, by contrast, does "not make too much ado / With sweet parades of fondness and delight/Lest iterant wont should make caresses trite" (23.
Canning (professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance, University of Texas, Austin) is part history, part evaluation of the Circuit Chautauquas, the iterant branch of an adult education movement created to spread culture and entertainment across America, particularly isolated rural areas.
linear complementarity problems, American-style options, nonlinear multigrid, projected Gauss-Seidel, iterant recombination, second-order upwind discretization, Fourier analysis AMS subject classifications.
The convergence is improved by a recombination of iterants.