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For students, however, the setting of the novel, aboard a ship laboriously making its way around the Mediterranean, briefly docking at ports here and there, but remaining ever itinerant, productively evokes the dilemma of exile and Palestinian displacement and itinerancy.
Since the law of reflective judgment exists exclusively in its inapplicability, it is doomed to an eternal itinerancy.
His parents, he said, were 'strange'; his father something of a scoundrel, whose itinerancy Rosoman made sound more coherent than it was.
Along the way, Professor Horton comments on a range of theories about global modernisms, Native American sovereignty, racial difference, archival logic, artistic itinerancy, and new materialisms.
Itinerancy had the potential, at least, to facilitate diplomacy, strengthen commercial relationships, and reduce the likelihood of disagreements and wars, he says.
Notoriously ambivalent toward the United States after his departure from the American Indian Movement in 1980, Durham considers his itinerancy abroad to be a political gesture.
the pack-saddle, a bed of absence and itinerancy, as opposed to the
The itinerancy phase was marked by deprivation, living in other peoples' homes, and difficult relationships between the expelled and receiving communities.
But just as characteristic of Whitefield's career was his itinerancy.
For Sutpen to jump from itinerancy to land ownership, he needs respectability.
A second attempt was a success; Cynthia is now a dentist in the United States, but the family's itinerancy came with great personal losses.
International itinerancy and mobility are, of course, conditions of the contemporary art world, and many artists operate as nomads in this milieu, wanderers without a permanent home who instead follow opportunities such as exhibitions, residencies, and commissions.