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Overgrown or cloaked with ivy: "Harvard's ivied edifices" (Joseph P. Kahn).


covered with ivy


(ˈaɪ vid)

covered or overgrown with ivy.
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Adj.1.ivied - overgrown with ivy; "Harvard's ivied buildings"
leafy - having or covered with leaves; "leafy trees"; "leafy vegetables"


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No one must see the chair-carriage and Dickon and Mary after they turned a certain corner of the shrubbery and entered upon the walk outside the ivied walls.
But when at last they turned into the Long Walk by the ivied walls the excited sense of an approaching thrill made them, for some curious reason they could not have explained, begin to speak in whispers.
The venerable cathedral towers, and the old jackdaws and rooks whose airy voices made them more retired than perfect silence would have done; the battered gateways, one stuck full with statues, long thrown down, and crumbled away, like the reverential pilgrims who had gazed upon them; the still nooks, where the ivied growth of centuries crept over gabled ends and ruined walls; the ancient houses, the pastoral landscape of field, orchard, and garden; everywhere - on everything - I felt the same serener air, the same calm, thoughtful, softening spirit.
The old house will brighten up now,' he said, as he looked towards it, 'and there will be a merry fireside beneath its ivied roof.
When they rose up from the ground, and took the shady track which led them through the wood, she bounded on before, printing her tiny footsteps in the moss, which rose elastic from so light a pressure and gave it back as mirrors throw off breath; and thus she lured the old man on, with many a backward look and merry beck, now pointing stealthily to some lone bird as it perched and twittered on a branch that strayed across their path, now stopping to listen to the songs that broke the happy silence, or watch the sun as it trembled through the leaves, and stealing in among the ivied trunks of stout old trees, opened long paths of light.
Godfrey Phillips' Myrtle Grove cigarettes showed an ivied country mansion called, naturally, Myrtle Grove and another nod to the countryside was Three Birds Cigarettes, three birds fluttering across the packet.
But the very thing that opened up the ivied doors threatens to slam them shut: College is too expensive and the debt too high.
Have you considered the irony of being prepared to go out into the wide-open, tumultuous and demanding real world by people who, for the most part, have never had to make their own way in it; who have spent virtually their entire lives within the sheltered ivied walls of tenured academia?
The former tutors were equally eager to provide advice on how working in the center transfers beyond the college's ivied walls.
Bucky Sebastian is considering housing the next stage of his professional life within the ivied walls of the College of William and Mary.
Entering into a majestic ivied castle on the surface of this new realm, a group of revelers immediately disperse in screaming disarray and boundless fear.