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also y·wis  (ĭ-wĭs′)
adv. Archaic
Certainly; assuredly.

[Middle English, from Old English gewis, certain; see weid- in Indo-European roots.]


(ɪˈwɪs) or


an archaic word for certainly
[C12: from Old English gewiss certain]



adv. Archaic.
[before 900; Middle English, adv. use of neuter of Old English gewiss (adj.) certain, c. Old High German giwis; akin to wit2; see y-]
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Cultural redress includes a payment of $150,000 for the iwis cultural revitalisation as well as the transfer of 16 properties of cultural significance.
Competitors here are Beretta with the ARX160, Colt with the Colt Combat Rifle, CZ with the CZ 805 Bren and IWI with the Ace 1.
41) In contrast to Cloud Atlas, Moriori and Feathers of Peace (2000) by Ngati Apa iwi director Barry Barclay both represent the historical Moriori without the Maori moko.
Since I it bound where it was free, Methinks, iwis, of right it should Accepted be.
The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne, Th'assay so hard, so sharp the conquerynge, The dredful joye alwey that slit so yerne: Al this mene I by Love, that my felynge Astonyeth with his wonderful werkynge So sore, iwis, that whan I on hym thynke Nat wot I wel whet that I flete or synke.
The iwis area of interest area spans from the Manukau Harbour to Franklin District, the H?
Because measurement is contactless, the chain drive is not affected in any way; no additional deflection pulleys or supports are needed, iwis drive systems, 317-821-3539, www.
With optimized load distribution, IWIS power-and-free conveyor chains convey, accumulate, single out and accelerate pallets, containers, crates and other materials in continuous transport.
sixteenth century) Nay, nay Ive, it may not be iwis, For Holy must haue the mastry, as the maner is.
A strict Euler Path word is one in which one can trace all the letters without lifting pencil from paper and connecting successive letters with horizontal lines: CULM, CULP, ISIS, IWIS, JIMP, MILS, NIMS, NISI, SIMS, SIMP, SWIM, SWIMS, VIMS.