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(Plants) any of various flowering shrubs or small trees of the genus Ixora that are native to Asia but are now also found widely throughout the USA


(ˈɪk sər ə)

any of numerous tropical shrubs or trees belonging to the genus Ixora, of the madder family, having glossy leaves and clusters of showy flowers in a variety of colors.
[1815–20; < New Latin (Linnaeus) « Skt īśvara Ishvara, Hindu deity]
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Ixora coccinea enhances cutaneous wound healing by upregulating the expression of collagen and basic fibroblast growth factor.
Episurf Medical AB (STO: EPISB) announced on Friday that its CEO, PAaAaAe Ryfors and the company's largest shareholder Serendipity Ixora have reached an agreement on 10 November 2017 under which Ryfors will acquire 983,607 A-shares in Episurf Medical, corresponding to 3.
Increase in irrigation water electrical conductivity reduced the growth of the ornamental species Catharanthus roseus, Allamanda cathartica, Ixora coccinea and Duranta erecta.
As especies preferenciais foram Araucaria angustifolia, Alchornea glandulosa, Casearia obliqua, Casearia sylvestris, Cupania vernalis, Ficus luschnathiana, Ilex paraguariensis, Ixora venulosa, Jacaranda micrantha, Myrocarpus frondosus, Ocotea indecora, Ocotea silvestris, Psychotria carthagenensis, Sebastiania commersoniana, Senegalia recurva, Styrax acuminatus e Styrax leprosus.
The Toradex Ixora Carrier Board, the CSI Camera Module and the Apalis iMX8 will make a great combination to take advantage of the high-performance computer vision processing capabilities of the NXP i.
For Wai Khru, the traditional offerings stand for symbolism of student qualities, such as Ixora flowers, which when closed form pointed buds, symbolising sharp wit; Cynodon Dactylon, the rapid growth and resilience of which symbolise perseverance and the ability to learn; Ropped rice, which symbolises discipline; and Eggplant Flowers, which bow low when nearing fruition, thereby symbolising respect and humility.
Aujourd'hui les plantes ornementales ont change, on a le bougainvillier deux tons, l'arbre du voyageur [Ravenala madagascariensis], Bauhinia rufescens, belle du jour, Ixora [Ixora Strita, Ixora blanc, Ixora orange, Ixora grandiflora, Ixora javanica], le gazon, les bordures jaunes.
GC-MS analysis of some bioactive components in the root extract of Ixora coccinea linn.
cubensis Guatteria neglecta D 1 V Matayba oppositifolia D 1 V Chionanthus domingensis D 1 V Ocotea leucoxylon D 1 V Ixora ferrea D 1 V Persea anomala D 1 V Myrsine coriacea I 1 V Clethra cubensis I 1 V [E.
Mostly the roots of the medicinal plants were used to treat stomachache (Gendarussa vulgaris, Elephantopus scaber, Gliricidia sepium, Coleus blumei, Swietenia mahogani, and Moringa oleifera), urinary tract infections (Polyscias scutellaria, Vernonia cinerea, Carica papaya, and Imperata cylindrica), muscle pain or over fatigue ("bughat") in women (Bidens pilosa, Eleusine indica, Malvastrum coromandelinum, and Ficus septica, and Solanum verbascifolium), fever (Gendarussa vulgaris, Carica papaya, and Macaranga tanarius), diarrhea (Elephantopus scaber, Diplazium esculentum, Carica papaya, and Lansium domesticum), and enhance proper blood circulation (Catharanthus roseus, Bixa orellana, and Ixora macrothyrsa).
Antimicrobial effects of Ixora divaricate and Citrus aurantifoliaon some pathogens and drug resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae.