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(Plants) any of various flowering shrubs or small trees of the genus Ixora that are native to Asia but are now also found widely throughout the USA


(ˈɪk sər ə)

any of numerous tropical shrubs or trees belonging to the genus Ixora, of the madder family, having glossy leaves and clusters of showy flowers in a variety of colors.
[1815–20; < New Latin (Linnaeus) « Skt īśvara Ishvara, Hindu deity]
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Biodiversity of yeast mycoflora in nectar of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis and ixora coccinea flowers.
Doubly linked, A-type proanthocyanidin turner and other constituents of Ixora coccinea leaves and their antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
An east Palatka holly is the focal point for a planting of ixora bushes surrounded by liriope.
Nikhil Mulchandani, Managing Partner, Ixora Ventures and Mr.
While the list of flowers include dog flower, pansy, petunias, ixora and frangipani, the vegetable section holds pride of place in Najah's garden.
Kasih Leia Ixora Azhar, Sarah Batrisyia, Raja Noor Zamira, Jes Izman Izaidin (Tree Theatre Group)
Armed with saplings of perennial and seasonal plants, notably Hamelia, Ixora, Acalypha, Araucaria, Lavender, Kochia and Euphorbia Milii, around 1,200 men of the NDMC's horticulture department were involved in this massive plantation exercise.
Li, Blumea 31: 311, 1986 (accepted name: Ixora chinensis Lam.
Jumps action at Sligo tomorrow where the Tom Taaffe-trained IXORA, a progressive mare narrowly beaten by Gracchus at Tipperary last time, should be noted in the opening Northwest Maiden Hurdle.
On the other hand, the ornamental shrub Ixora, has a low alkalinity tolerance, demonstrated by yellowing of its foliage.