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 (zhä′sə-nä′) also ja·ca·na (-kə-)
Any of several tropical or subtropical shorebirds of the family Jacanidae, having long toes adapted for walking on floating vegetation. Also called lily-trotter.

[Portuguese jaçanã, from Tupí jaçanam, jaçanã, one that cries out.]


(ˌʒɑːsəˈnɑː; ˌdʒæ-)
(Animals) any bird of the family Jacanidae, of tropical and subtropical marshy regions, having long legs and very long toes that enable walking on floating plants: order Charadriiformes. Also called: lily-trotter
[C18: from Portuguese jaçanã, from Tupi-Guarani jasaná]
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Joint operatives from the Philippine National Police Drug Enforcement Group and the local police recovered sachets of shabu and firearms during the raid at Marcaida's house along Jacana Road, Barangay Bancao-Bancao, Puerto Princesa City, at about 6 a.
Following the drilling of the Jacana Sur 2 appraisal well in the first quarter of 2017 to test the northwest boundaries of the Jacana oil field, a test was conducted with an electric submersible pump in the Guadalupe formation.
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IN Panama at the weekend, Arjan Dwarshuis saw a Northern Jacana, a lily-hopping waterbird similar to a Moorhen.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 23, 2016-GeoPark announces strong oil flow from the Jacana five appraisal well in the Jacana oil field in the Llanos 34 Block in Colombia
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Breeding birds at seepage ponds in Pakistan include night-heron, cotton teal, pheasant tailed jacana, purple moorhen, besides some passerines.
Moody's will focus on the Territory's commitment to lower current expenditure and improve the performance of its Power and Water Corporation and the newly created Territory Generation and Jacana Energy corporations.
Nessa cronica, relembra a instalacao de enfermaria propria para casos de silicose no Hospital Sao Luiz Gonzaga, no bairro do Jacana, em Sao Paulo, na decada de 1940.
Due to its rich ecology, it has now become home to birds such as Purple Moorhen, Grey Heron, Pintail, Indian Stork, Lesser Whistling Teals, Coots, Shovelers, Red-rumpled Swallow, Bronze-winged Jacana and recently even flamingoes have been spotted.