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Noun1.jack crevalle - fish of western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexicojack crevalle - fish of western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico
jack - any of several fast-swimming predacious fishes of tropical to warm temperate seas
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In the same areas that the seatrout feed, you will find lots of jack crevalle, some topping 20 pounds.
The next day we mixed it up (it was due to be another Cubera trip, but the weather was a bit 'iffy') and targeted snook--another fish I had on my list--after about a dozen small Jack crevalle I finally had my snook--and another two on top for good measure, the best going 19-201bs, so another tick in the box
His classes will embark on a five-hour fishing charter where students might possibly catch blue marlin, sole fish, dorado (mahi-mahi), jack crevalle, queen fish, green fish, tuna, blue runner, bonito and even sharks weighing up to 400 pounds.
We're fishing for barred pargo, sierra mackerel, jack crevalle, cabrilla, pompano, roosterfish, and who knows what else in the fish menagerie in the Sea of Cortez.
WHAT A SHOCK IT WAS on our first day last year to see a school of large jack crevalle bearing down on us on the bonefish flats.
Jack crevalle is sold by various names, including cavalry, cavalla, toro (in Mexico), trevally, and jackfish.
Jumbo jack crevalle will often roam in the same vicinity of these snook, harassing the mullet.
Amongst these are the Giant African threadfin salmon, Cubera snapper, Jack Crevalle, Senegal Jack and barracuda as well as the more familiar Kabeljou, all of which are known for the gargantuan proportions they reach in this region.
The object of the outing: fly-angling from shore for tough-warring jack crevalle, roosterfish, ladyfish and any number of the 850 species of fish that fin in these waters.
Wade-fishers can look for reds, trout, and jack crevalle that chase bait over the flat on incoming tides.
Blue runners, jack crevalle, lesser amberjacks and yellow jacks swim from one reef to the next.
It wasn't long before I was into the first of 10 jack crevalle - 2- to 3-pound bundles of energy that would easily pull trout of similar size backward, if tied tail-to-tail.