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1. A conceited or impudent person.
2. A mischievous child.
3. Archaic A monkey or an ape.

[From Middle English Jack Napis, nickname of William de la Pole, Fourth Earl and First Duke of Suffolk (1396-1450), probably ultimately from alteration of ape, monkey, ape (because his coat of arms depicted a chain and clog of the kind used to tether a pet monkey).]


1. a conceited impertinent person
2. a mischievous child
3. (Animals) archaic a monkey
[C16: variant of Jakken-apes, literally: Jack of the ape, nickname of William de la Pole (1396–1450), first Duke of Suffolk, whose badge showed an ape's ball and chain]


(ˈdʒæk əˌneɪps)

1. an impertinent fellow.
2. a mischievous child.
3. Archaic. an ape or monkey.
[1400–50; late Middle English Jakken-apes, literally, jack (i.e., man) of the ape, nickname of William de la Pole (1396–1450), Duke of Suffolk]
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Noun1.jackanapes - someone who is unimportant but cheeky and presumptuous
nobody, nonentity, cypher, cipher - a person of no influence


[ˈdʒækəneɪps] Nmequetrefe m


n pl <-> (old) (= man)Fant m (old), → (eingebildeter) Laffe (old); (= child)Racker m (old)
References in classic literature ?
He then proceeded to inform her plainly that Jones was in bed with a wench, and made use of an expression too indelicate to be here inserted; which so enraged Mrs Honour, that she called him jackanapes, and returned in a violent hurry to her mistress, whom she acquainted with the success of her errand, and with the account she had received; which, if possible, she exaggerated, being as angry with Jones as if he had pronounced all the words that came from the mouth of Partridge.
The next moment he was lost in a fringe of birches; then he came out again on the upper side, where I could see him climbing like a jackanapes, for that part was again very steep; and then he dipped behind a shoulder, and I saw him no more.
It was beyond a doubt some unspeakable tenor, a good-looking jackanapes, who mouthed and simpered as he sang
But do you realize that I would be looked upon as the most foolish jackanapes in the South Seas if I took a young girl like you in with me here on Berande?
Bumble; not sitting upon, or dropping himself into a seat, as any common jackanapes would: but letting himself gradually and slowly down into a chair; 'Mrs.
Toller; were just now standing apart and having a friendly colloquy, in which they agreed that Lydgate was a jackanapes, just made to serve Bulstrode's purpose.
Yes; and indeed and indeed again, Mister Jackanapes,' said the excited lady; 'and I wouldn't keep such as you in the house another hour, if I had my way.
Only three or four days ago the impertinent jackanapes gave me his bill, and I was forced to turn both him and his bill out of the door; so that I am here something in the fashion of a conqueror, holding my position, as it were, my conquest.
CROCOSMIA JACKANAPES For a fanfare of bright colours in the border at this time of year, you can rely on Crocosmia to provide the fireworks.
It turned out some jackanapes of a whippersnapper at The New York Sun had been removing all my "you crazy Yanks" and replacing it with "we.