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A handheld machine for drilling rock and breaking up pavement, operated by compressed air.

jack′ham′mer v.


(Tools) a hand-held hammer drill, driven by compressed air, for drilling rocks, etc


(ˈdʒækˌhæm ər)

a portable drill operated by compressed air and used to drill rock, break up pavement, etc.
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Noun1.jackhammer - a hammer driven by compressed airjackhammer - a hammer driven by compressed air  
power hammer, hammer - a power tool for drilling rocks


[ˈdʒækˌhæməʳ] N (esp US) → taladradora f, martillo m neumático
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Pressure: Joseph Capriati & Slam The Arches, Glasgow Jackhammer presents Gary Beck and Dustin Zahn The Liquid Room, Edinburgh Musika presents Involv3r launch party featuring Sasha, The Caves Edinburgh The i AM presents Juan Atkins Sub Club, Glasgow
It's equipped with a jackhammer and a nuclear-powered lab whose 10 instruments, controlled by NASA scientists back on Earth, will test Martian soil and rocks.
It is powered by plutonium and armed with a laser and a jackhammer to punch through rock.
Starting and finishing in Adelaide, the trip wasn't all smooth going - he said the vibrations from the bike were like "holding on to a jackhammer for 12 hours a day".
OUR MAN AT WOLVES from England duty next week in a brand new Hummer with 50 Cent's 'Power of a Dollar' blaring from his pounds 7,200 JackHammer 12,000 watt 24" subwoofers.
Fast, safe, clean, quiet, and easy to use, the Model 0300 Jackhammer is specifically designed for the office environment.
Serhy Shemiuk, a mine worker in the east Ukrainian city of Dzerzhinsk, used a standard jackhammer to break free 170 tons of coal in a single shift on Monday, the report said, citing officials at the mining firm Mekhanyk.
They spent the greater part of the day in fixing the problem as they had to break up concrete with a jackhammer.
From Jackhammer, to Outback Windmill, Jean Machine and the Pizza Oven the machines take on a larger than life proportion as the imagination of writers and illustrators allow us to share in their world where machines are almost monsters.
com) goes off at 120 decibels, which is like being 3 feet from a jackhammer.
44 Magnum loads--the thumb crossover grip is the only thing that will prevent some degree of hand separation when the recoil hits a truly jackhammer level.
By the way, Barbara, I also regret writing that I would like to smash Du Beke's chiselled buttocks with a jackhammer.