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A handheld machine for drilling rock and breaking up pavement, operated by compressed air.

jack′ham′mer v.


(Tools) a hand-held hammer drill, driven by compressed air, for drilling rocks, etc


(ˈdʒækˌhæm ər)

a portable drill operated by compressed air and used to drill rock, break up pavement, etc.
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Noun1.jackhammer - a hammer driven by compressed airjackhammer - a hammer driven by compressed air  
power hammer, hammer - a power tool for drilling rocks


[ˈdʒækˌhæməʳ] N (esp US) → taladradora f, martillo m neumático
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All the concrete had been reinforced and in the end we needed a compressor and jackhammers to get it out.
It can also power up to 72 pound jackhammers and other air tools.
99) provides hilarious blueprint-based forms with zany considerations, from Martha Stewart's Guide to Nuclear Reactor Cleaning to How to Open Packaging given only a few tools--like chainsaws and jackhammers.
Workers were ripping up the street with jackhammers while drivers stuck in traffic leaned on car horns.
Residents had become used to the sound of jackhammers and drills at all hours.
Why do paleontologists use jackhammers to get to the bones?
In addition, the new code prescribes ways for contractors to reduce construction noise that could be disruptive for residents and business owners, such as using noise-reducing mufflers for jackhammers.
Workers arrived in no time with trucks, jackhammers and lots of equipment, and they fixed the pipe.
JACKHAMMERS never come in with their hammers up and running; they operate undercover, breaking up what you believed were solid relationships and effectively destroying a school community's culture and climate with just a few jabs.
Everyday noise from engines, compressors, jackhammers, shop equipment, power generators and artillery fire injures your hearing over time.
But jauntiness rears its head in the form of one-armed cartwheels, all to the urban sounds of dripping water and jackhammers.
After that, the officials "took jackhammers to her home and to the homes of two of her relatives, destroying them, again in an effort to try to get her to come forward and kill her unborn child," he said.