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 (jăk′lĕg′) Chiefly Southern & South Midland US
1. Lacking skill or training; incompetent. Used especially of lawyers or preachers.
2. Unscrupulous or dishonest.
3. Makeshift; temporary.
1. An unskilled or unscrupulous itinerant worker.
2. A strikebreaker.

[Perhaps jack + (black)leg.]


amateur; untrained; incompetent


Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. adj.
1. unskilled or untrained; amateur.
2. lacking professional scruples; unethical.
3. makeshift; temporary.
4. an unskilled or unscrupulous itinerant worker or practitioner.
References in classic literature ?
He has been told many a time how the born- and-trained novelist works; won't he let me round and complete his knowledge by telling him how the jackleg does it?
The company also reconditions jackleg steel for its clients, which also include Cementation and Primero Mining.
When miners use jackleg drills for drilling 1 5/8-in.
BJ WARD's most recent book is Jackleg Opera: Collected Poems 1990-2013 (IO Poetry Series/NortH Atlantic Books).
The drill also produces 100 pound-feet of torque and reaches rotation speeds of up to 250 rpm, which makes it an accurate and faster alternative to jackleg drilling through brick, concrete and rock.
Do you believe that any jackleg bureaucrat, any egghead social planner, any compromising politician, any pay-off appointee, with no medical training and bound by no code, knows more about medicine or how to care for patients than doctors who are bona fide professionals with seven to nine years of qualifying training?
The jackleg event, for example, tests who can bore deepest into rock using a six-foot hydraulic drill.
The partner's insurance company has no business relationship with you and won't look out for your interests if a claim arises (other insurer assigns you a jackleg attorney to save money).
The event is held in anodised aluminium frame marquees supplied by a reputable supplier; there are also four mobile jackleg offices and 3 ticket booths which will require power.
A jackleg, he explains patiently, is" someone who says he can do anything, but can't do nothing.
You'll see three main events: single jackleg drilling, hand mucking, and hand steeling or jacking.
The Los Juarez deposit will be mined by open pit methods using pneumatic jackleg drills and an excavator.