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 (jăk′lĕg′) Chiefly Southern & South Midland US
1. Lacking skill or training; incompetent. Used especially of lawyers or preachers.
2. Unscrupulous or dishonest.
3. Makeshift; temporary.
1. An unskilled or unscrupulous itinerant worker.
2. A strikebreaker.

[Perhaps jack + (black)leg.]


amateur; untrained; incompetent


Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. adj.
1. unskilled or untrained; amateur.
2. lacking professional scruples; unethical.
3. makeshift; temporary.
4. an unskilled or unscrupulous itinerant worker or practitioner.
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In zones where the horizontal width is less than 8 feet, slusher mining and jacklegs will be used for mining to a minimum width of 6 feet.
The Triune Democrat, a fiercely Democratic paper in Donaldsonville, attacked Marks as a conniving carpetbagger unqualified for the position of judge: "with the advent of carpet baggism the crop of jacklegs and interlopers has sprung up in the legal profession as well as in the other walks of life, and so we come to have the spectacle of a Morris Marks teaching the sons of Louisiana how to practice law without a diploma.
Launched this past June, the Trade Floor is described as an online liquidation and acquisition marketplace where everything from drills and jacklegs to spare parts for air compressors, is on the auction block.
Make Your Color Linger Jacklegs no-fail secret for making lipstick last?