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A jackshaft (obtained from club member Matt Calahan) was loaded onto the trailer, simultaneously allowing the engine to be turned around, thus matching the rotation directions, and reducing the final rig speed to a comfortable level for both the engine and gin.
The 6000 Series features a higher speed external jackshaft motor that moves doors at a speed of 36” per second.
Similarly, if the motor is coupled via a conductive coupling to driven equipment such as a gearbox, pump, or jackshaft, then such a discharge could also take place in the driven equipment bearings.
The geared turbine does not need any change speed gearing or jackshaft.
The jackshaft goes to a second belt at the top of the jackshaft that goes to the transmission.
By using a jackshaft you can belt it to a rototiller or your garden tractor engine.
The jackshaft casting and pulleys were made of cast iron.
The cylinders could be moved to a position above small driving wheels with a crankshaft under the smokebox with two-speed gearing to a jackshaft beneath it driving the wheels.
Engine use requires a clutch and jackshaft or a clutch and cardan (drive shaft) arrangement.