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1. The uprising of the French peasants against the nobility in 1358.
2. jacquerie A peasant revolt, especially a very bloody one.

[French, from Old French jacquerie, peasantry, from jacques, peasant; see jacket.]


(Historical Terms) the revolt of the N French peasants against the nobility in 1358
[C16: from Old French: the peasantry, from jacque a peasant, from Jacques James, from Late Latin Jacōbus]


(ˌʒɑ kəˈri, ˌʒæk ə-)

1. the revolt of the peasants of N France against the nobles in 1358.
2. (l.c.) any peasant revolt.
[1520–30; < French, Middle French, =jaque(s) peasant + -rie -ry]


a revolt of peasants against the social classes above them.
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1358 A French peasant revolt against the nobility.
References in classic literature ?
Here opens the stormy period of the Jacqueries, Pragueries, and Leagues.
Look around and consider the Eves of all the world that we know, consider the faces of all the world that we know, consider the rage and discontent to which the Jacquerie addresses itself with more and more of certainty every hour.
Octobre ocre trainant l'araire et la nostalgie, tramant jacqueries et revolutions.
As an expert in the history of Sicily and Caltagirone--entrusting her heroes with the task of embodying the proactive, rebellious, constructive, Utopian even, vein running through that history--she passionately recalls how the island has often been the cradle of important innovations, jacqueries, changes.
los segundos tienen una mentalidad rural, su obra es de alcance regional, defienden el statu quo, se expresan en jacqueries y su dominacion carismatica se transforma en tradicional".
En la primavera de 1789, la poblacion rural inicio una serie de jacqueries.
First, the great rural jacqueries of March that swept southwestern Germany were in part united by their common attempts to reappropriate the wealth of the forests, sometimes under the slogan calling for the recovery of lost rights and other times not.
Il est vrai que l'Histoire a avance a travers les decouvertes geographiques et les progres scientifiques et technologiques, mais les mouvements sociaux , qu'il s'agisse de jacqueries, de contestations sociales ou carrement de revolutions , sont les plus perceptibles et sont les plus censes donner de la signification aux evolutions futures .
This most recent volume is actually a shorter revised and translated version of his 2005 work Jacqueries et revolution dans la Chine du XXe siecle.
Jacqueries (popular revolts), such as that of the piqueteros in Argentina in 2001, are mentioned, and the authors note that these are somewhat spontaneous with only a minimal amount of organization.
College students read about these strains in the history of the enclosure movement in England, the Highland Clearances in Scotland, and jacqueries and peasant revolts on the Continent.
Les 23 et 24 septembre 1991 - lors d'un sejour de recherche a Kinshasa -, une mutinerie militaire << activee et manipulee en sous-main >> (Yoka 1994: 83) declencha de gigantesques jacqueries (Devisch 1995): des pilleurs ont deferle sur les quartiers residentiels, commerciaux et de la moyenne industrie a Kinshasa et les exactions se sont etendues a d'autres villes du pays.