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a.1.Vicious; ill-tempered; resembling a jade; - applied to a horse.
2.Unchaste; - applied to a woman.
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Tenders are invited for Construction Of inter locking paver blocks streets from Ravi Java Via Krishan Sudama Mandirto Ram Lal Phuja W-3, H/O Harbagwan To Jai Gopal W -3, Bharat Dharmsala To Anant Pur Kuttia W -3, H/O Jadish To Pepsi Chowk W-3, Master Kashmir To Bhoop Soni W-3, Vi
The limited literature on the impact of trade unions also highlights a negative impact of trade unions on productivity (Sinhala & Shawnee, 1970; Rajas, 1992; Jadish Chatter, 2009).
Just months before the raid, Jadish Lal and Balvinder Kaur applied to turn the six-bed property into a home for teenagers, before "financial matters" forced them to rent it out.
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