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 (jăl′əp, jä′ləp)
1. A twining eastern Mexican vine (Ipomoea purga) having tuberous roots that are dried, powdered, and used medicinally as a purgative.
2. The purgative drug obtained from the roots of this plant or related plants.

[French, from American Spanish jalapa, short for (purga de) Jalapa, (purgative of) Jalapa, after Jalapa.]


(ˈdʒæləp) or


1. (Plants) a Mexican convolvulaceous plant, Exogonium (or Ipomoea) purga
2. (Plants) any of several similar or related plants
3. (Medicine) the dried and powdered root of any of these plants, used as a purgative
4. (Plants) the resin obtained from any of these plants
[C17: from French, from Mexican Spanish jalapa, short for purga de Jalapa purgative of Jalapa]
jalapic adj


(ˈdʒæl əp, ˈdʒɑ ləp)

1. the dried tuberous root of any of several plants, esp. Exogonium purga, of the morning glory family, or the powder derived from it, used in medicine chiefly as a purgative.
2. any of these plants.
[1665–75; < Middle French < Sp (purga de) Jalapa purgative from Jalapa]
ja•lap•ic (-ˈlæp ɪk) adj.