jam jar

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Businessman Simon Littlejohn, owner of the nearby Jam Jar, raised several objections to the proposal.
Jam Jar Cinema was opened in 2013 after its founder Dan Ellis converted a derelict job centre into a fully functional single-screen venue.
Jam Jar Coventry has opened in Corporation Street next to the old Coventry Telegraph building and, judging by the look of these desserts, they could be set to take the city by storm.
Emirati artist Khalid Mezaina is presenting his work at The Jam Jar in the latest edition of OCCUPY.
THE young entrepreneur behind Newcastle's Jam Jar bar and restaurant has expanded his portfolio by taking on a second venue.
Bring to the boil, then pour the vinegar and herbs into a clean jam jar.
1) Fill your empty, clean jam jar with garden soil just below the neck rim of the bottle.
Within the jam jar lid, organise the toys that will feature in your snow globe.
Leave the jam to settle for 15 mins - this will ensure that the fruit stays suspended in the mixture and doesn't all float to the top of the jam jar.
Danny's Chocolate Orange Equipment: Boston shaker, empty jam jar to serve, peeler, hawthorne strainer Ingredients: 20ml Absolut Mandarin Vodka 20ml Cointreau 10ml Edmond Briottet Cacao Dark Liqueur 10ml half & half (half milk, half cream) 1tsp Nutella 1 orange Cubed ice Method 1.
Announcing the jam jar without the jam felt like it allowed the councillors to grandstand.
The Jam Jar started in 2005 and was first housed in Garhoud before moving to Al Quoz.