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v. jan·gled, jan·gling, jan·gles
To make a harsh metallic sound: The spurs jangled noisily.
1. To cause to make a harsh discordant sound.
2. To have an irritating effect on: The racket from the street jangled my nerves.
A harsh metallic sound.

[Middle English janglen, to chatter, from Old French jangler, probably of Germanic origin.]

jan′gler n.


[ˈdʒæŋgld] adj (nerves) → scosso/a
References in classic literature ?
returned Amy indignantly, for the two still jangled when such questions arose.
Saying this he brushed past the steward and tried the door, but it was locked fast; whereat the fat steward chuckled and jangled his keys again.
Poole said to her, with a ferocity of accent that testified to his own jangled nerves; and indeed, when the girl had so suddenly raised the note of her lamentation, they had all started and turned towards the inner door with faces of dreadful expectation.
He relit the stair gas as he spoke, and we saw before us a singular-looking man, whose appearance, as well as his voice, testified to his jangled nerves.
These little events, coming one after the other, left me very jangled in my nerves, and I could see from my companion's petulant manner that his own patience had got to a low ebb.
Upon a wet evening, several months after the last chapter, two interminable rows of cars, pulled by slipping horses, jangled along a prominent side-street.
Brain and body, scorched and jangled and poisoned, return to be tuned up by the very poison that caused the damage.
The brothers loved each other though they jangled and fought, and they loved their mother and little sister too.
And the coach, and the coachman, and the horses, rattled, and jangled, and whipped, and cursed, and swore, and tumbled on together, until they came to Golden Square.
He was not at all jockeyish to look at, though; he had a round black head and a well-trimmed black beard, bright eyes like a bird's; he jingled money in his pockets; he jangled a great gold watch chain; and he never turned up except dressed just too much like a gentleman to be one.