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 (jär′dn-îr′, zhär′dn-yâr′)
1. A large decorative stand or pot for plants or flowers.
2. Diced, cooked vegetables served as a garnish with meat.

[French, from feminine of jardinier, gardener, from Old French, from jardin, garden; see garden.]


1. an ornamental pot or trough for plants
2. (Cookery) a garnish of fresh vegetables, cooked, diced, and served around a dish of meat
[C19: from French, feminine of jardinier gardener, from jardin garden]


(ˌdʒɑr dnˈɪər, ˌʒɑr dnˈyɛər)

1. an ornamental receptacle or stand for holding plants or flowers.
2. diced and boiled vegetables, used esp. as a garnish.
[1835–45; < French, feminine of jardinier gardener]


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References in classic literature ?
But the curious thing was that he had never learnt to speak French passably, and he kept in his shabby clothes bought at La Belle Jardiniere an ineradicably English appearance.
A gilt bamboo jardiniere, in which the primulas and cinerarias were punctually renewed, blocked the access to the bay window (where the old- fashioned would have preferred a bronze reduction of the Venus of Milo); the sofas and arm-chairs of pale brocade were cleverly grouped about little plush tables densely covered with silver toys, porcelain animals and efflorescent photograph frames; and tall rosy-shaded lamps shot up like tropical flowers among the palms.
Zone veligo: - the removal of the jardiniere, Rue de rome, Including the brick walls, The existing metal grids, The volume of soil, The plantations, The waterproofing protection and the waterproofing itself.
3 This ceramic plant pot was being used by the owners' kids as a goalpost, until it was identified as a 19th-century French jardiniere.
Elle est secondee par une professionnelle de sante (infirmiere) et est assistee d'une employee qui a suivi une formation de puericulture, et qui s'occupe pour 5 enfants qui ne marchent pas ou 8 enfants qui marchent, ainsi que d'une jardiniere d'enfants ([beaucoup moins que]educatrice de jeunes enfants[beaucoup plus grand que]) pour les creches de plus de 40 enfants.
large jardiniere decoratd with Estimate 6,000 Lustre glazed wares were produced throughout the short life of the pottery, becoming particularly popular at the turn of the century.
Le premier fil de soie place a la jardiniere, d'oo le vent l'avait mene jusqu'a la rampe du balcon.
Guide price estimates range from PS30-PS50 for a jardiniere up to PS600-PS800 for a collection of teawares.
For the vegetable cuts, the students were required to demonstrate six classical French cuts of bruniose, jardiniere, paysanne, julienne, chateau potato and cocotte potato, displaying their professional knife skills.
He dined at the brasserie Duval and visited the shopping malls-Bon Marche, El Louvre, Le Printemps, Jardiniere, etc.