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 (jôn′tē, jän′-)
adj. jaun·ti·er, jaun·ti·est
1. Having or expressing a buoyant or self-confident air: a jaunty grin; a hat worn at a jaunty angle.
2. Sprightly; lively: walking at a jaunty pace; music with jaunty rhythms.
3. Archaic
a. Stylish.
b. Genteel.

[French gentil, nice, from Old French, noble; see gentle.]

jaun′ti·ly adv.
jaun′ti·ness n.
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Noun1.jauntiness - stylishness as evidenced by a smart appearance
chic, chicness, modishness, stylishness, swank, chichi, last word, smartness - elegance by virtue of being fashionable
2.jauntiness - a breezy liveliness; "a delightful breeziness of manner"
sprightliness, liveliness, spirit, life - animation and energy in action or expression; "it was a heavy play and the actors tried in vain to give life to it"
مَرَح ، أناقَه
kæruleysi; glaîværî
şen şakraklık


[ˈdʒɔːntɪnɪs] N [of tone] → desenfado m; [of clothes] → vistosidad f; [of step] → garbo m


nUnbeschwertheit f, → Sorglosigkeit f; (of singing)Munterkeit f, → Fröhlichkeit f, → Heiterkeit f; the jauntiness of his stepsein schwungvoller or munterer Gang


(ˈdʒoːnti) adjective
cheerful, bright, lively. a jaunty mood/hat.
ˈjauntily adverb
ˈjauntiness noun
References in classic literature ?
Hunt was a great poetic stimulus to Keats, but he is largely responsible for the flippant jauntiness and formlessness of Keats' earlier poetry, and the connection brought on Keats from the outset the relentless hostility of the literacy critics, who had dubbed Hunt and his friends 'The Cockney [i.
Her chin, small like the rest of her, was strong; and in the way she held herself there was a boyish jauntiness.
The blue dungaree trousers turned up the calf, one leg a little higher than the other, the clean check shirt, the white canvas cap, evidently made by himself, made up a whole of peculiar smartness, and the persistent jauntiness of his gait, even, poor fellow, when he couldn't help tottering, told of his invincible spirit.
The assurance and jauntiness which generally marked his demeanour and dress were, however, wanting.
A film projection tracks their separate paths across the map of France with the jauntiness of a film-noir car chase.
Approaching the newly-painted Herd Groyne lighthouse - we both love its rust-red jauntiness - we pass Emma's riverside house, where small shipyards once stood.
There's a jauntiness to Drunk For Fifteen Years, Martin Mackie's new single, that belies the maudlin subject matter - a man considering life from the discomfort of his hospital bed.
Lewis Hamilton had plenty of reasons to be cheerful Lewis Hamilton had plenty of reasons to be cheerful |At Silverstone until a breakdown in second practice at Silverstone until a breakdown in second practice robbed him of his Union Jack jauntiness.
Again there was laughter and jauntiness - not least when a mystery parcel is revealed as containing the ingredients for making a woman into a lectern
Vocal styles range from the melodious gentleness of youth, represented by Betty (Dolly) White and John MacDonald, through the saucy jauntiness of Willie Townsley, who at one point breaks up chuckling at his own expletive 'Hooh
Cuban Miami, for all its outward prosperity and jauntiness, is a city in pain, a place where the dead are never far from people's minds, and in which the past and the present are constantly being elided.
Haydn's Emperor Quartet combined both jauntiness and elegance, and Tom Poster collaborated almost concertolike at times with the Carducci in Elgar's enigmatic, rueful Piano Quintet.