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n. pl. javelina or ja·ve·li·nas

[Alteration of Spanish jabalina, feminine of jabalí, jabalín, wild boar, from Arabic (ḫinzīr) jabalī, mountain (swine), from jabal, mountain; see gbl in Semitic roots.]


(Animals) a collared peccary, Tayassu tajacu


(ˈpɛk ə ri)

n., pl. -ries, (esp. collectively) -ry.
either of two piglike mammals constituting the New World family Tayassuidae, esp. Tayassu tajacu, ( collared peccary or javelina), having a dark gray coat with a white collar.
[1605–15; < Carib]
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Noun1.javelina - dark grey peccary with an indistinct white collarjavelina - dark grey peccary with an indistinct white collar; of semi desert areas of Mexico and southwestern United States
musk hog, peccary - nocturnal gregarious pig-like wild animals of North America and South America
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Like other peccaries, they live in Central and South America, but the javelina is also native to parts of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.
Green is a Javelina football legend and played for Texas A&M University-Kingsville in the early 1980s.
New Street Realty Advisors has leased the former Tommy Lasagna restaurant at 119 East 18th to Javelina TexMex, a new upscale TexMex concept.
Texas javelina In the shooting world there are a lot of things I am not.
The MarkWest Javelina plant will invest over $650,000 for facility operations improvements that will reduce flaring events and improve communications with the local community.
Hang with the Sedonans at the hand-carved wine bar to sample new releases from Javelina Leap and Arizona Stronghold.
Future Oracle eAM implementations for MarkWest Energy will be led by Global PTM in Javelina, TX; Majorsville, WV; Sherwood, WV; and Mobley, WV.
Istarted the 2011 hunting season on New Year's Day in Arizona bowhunting javelina and mule deer with my good friend, Trent Swanson with Swarovski Optik.
And one can't forget Poindexter, the javelina, who's been set free in the desert and misses eating brussel sprouts and TV time with his owner yet manages to lumber his way into the lottery ticket caper.
Quite approachable but sporty targets, the 35-60-pound javelina is a high-odds proposition for diligent bowhunters.
Everyone remembers the childhood song, "I'm a Little Teapot," but the author of this book uses the melody and changes the words to "I'm a Javelina.