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adj. Informal
Astonishing; astounding: "His campaign raked in a jaw-dropping $2.3 million" (John Brodie).

jaw′-drop′per n.
jaw′-drop′ping·ly adv.


informal amazing
ˈjaw-ˌdroppingly adv
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14 (ANI): Despite Tom Cruises' stellar performance and jaw-dropping action sequences, The Mummy was crushed by Patty Jenkins' superhero saga Wonder Woman, which continues to smash records across the world.
Sorry, they've just added a new celeb to the list: "What Dawn French looks like now is jaw-dropping.
The sturdy structure and hairpin twists remain firmly in place, including one jaw-dropping coup de grace that will stun viewers who missed out on the intense, twisted pleasure of Campanella's superior incarnation.
Strictly Come Dancing BBC One, 7pm What with the storm in a tea cup over Len Goodman dropping an f-bomb the other week, and Pixie Lott's jaw-dropping, scenery-chewing take on The War of the Worlds, this is shaping up to be one of the most explosive series yet.
21 -- Bear's take on jaw-dropping clips of real people facing extreme scenarios
Summary: Jessica Ennis has made a jaw-dropping start to her Olympic campaign.
The Harper government is in the process of handing out a jaw-dropping $6 billion in special "severance" checks - plus a pay raise - to hundreds of thousands of federal workers who aren't losing their jobs or even changing desks.
The most jaw-dropping manoeuvre came when the Prince lifted her on to his head and, while in arabesque, she proceeded to do a very slow yet very real 360 degree turn on point.
5 million viewers tuned in to see Josie stagger down the aisle in a jaw-dropping dress that would put Jordan to shame.
Worldwide, the third film of the series, which introduces new characters such as Barbie and Ken, has made Disney a jaw-dropping pounds 245m so far.
A JAW-DROPPING 6f maiden at Ffos Las yesterday resulted in some layers presumably suffering devastating losses on the exchanges, as Fayre Bella, tailed off on her only previous start last season, swooped late to nail Superior Edge (matched at a low of 1.
The thrilling sport, which features jaw-dropping jumps and stunts, arrives at Rhosneigr beach in May.