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1. A very hard candy.
2. Slang A word that is difficult to pronounce.
3. A machine that crushes rock or ore.

jaw′break′ing adj.
jaw′break′ing·ly adv.


1. (Mechanical Engineering) Also called: jawcrusher a device having hinged jaws for crushing rocks and ores
2. informal a word that is hard to pronounce
ˈjawˌbreaking adj
ˈjawˌbreakingly adv


(ˈdʒɔˌbreɪ kər)

1. a word that is hard to pronounce.
2. a very hard, usu. round, candy.
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Noun1.jawbreaker - a large round hard candy
hard candy - candy that is brittle; "you can break a tooth on that hard candy"
2.jawbreaker - a word that is hard to pronounce
polysyllabic word, polysyllable - a word of more than three syllables


[ˈdʒɔːˌbreɪkəʳ] N (US) → trabalenguas m inv, palabra f kilométrica
References in classic literature ?
What's that jawbreaker definition about something or other, of Spencer's, that you sprang on us the other day - that indefinite, incoherent homogeneity thing?
Now David Keogh, son-in-law of Eddie Fewtrell, has penned a book on the forgotten pugilist, titled Punch Drunk - Thomas Fewtrell, the Gentleman Jawbreaker.
There was plenty of fodder for angry punk songs, and although punk was starting to take a turn toward pop (Green Day, Jawbreaker, Screeching Weasel) at the end of his tenure, there was plenty of resistance to go around.
She said: "I love Rose McGowan and a lot of the movie characters she plays, like Courtney Shayne in Jawbreaker, who has a killer wardrobe.
Seeing his son's face sprinkled white from a jawbreaker led him to take a closer look at what candy-makers put in their products.
Logan has entered the magical tiny world of Canlandia through a strange chain of events, only to find that his coming has been foretold and he is destined to save Canlandia from the evil Baron von Jawbreaker (and his army of mad gobstoppers).
We are also looking at toffee-coated Brazil nuts and Jawbreaker gobstoppers which will certainly keep people quiet.
Jawbreaker (1999) A mean spirited prank by reigning queen bees turns accidentally murderous.
25) Fifteen days after the attacks, the CIA dispatched that team, codenamed Jawbreaker, into Afghanistan.
Since her 1995 breakthrough role in Gregg Araki's The Doom Generation, Rose McGowan has trumped up trouble and terror on television's Charmed and in films such as Scream, Jawbreaker, and Grindhouse.
Last week's product roll out did not include Jawbreaker and it is unclear how, or even if, Jawbreaker will mesh -- literally -- with all of this.
During winter, a 4/0 outfit with 40-pound line and a lipped, diving plug like the Rebel Jawbreaker will draw repeated strikes from black grouper in the 10-to 15-pound range.