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a. Either of two bony or cartilaginous structures that in most vertebrates form the framework of the mouth and hold the teeth.
b. The mandible or maxilla or the part of the face covering these bones.
c. Any of various structures of invertebrates that have an analogous function to vertebrate jaws.
2. Either of two opposed hinged parts in a mechanical device.
3. jaws The walls of a pass, canyon, or cavern.
4. jaws A dangerous situation or confrontation: the jaws of death.
5. Slang
a. Impudent argument or back talk: Don't give me any jaw.
b. A conversation or chat.
intr.v. jawed, jaw·ing, jaws Slang
1. To talk vociferously; jabber.
2. To talk; converse.

[Middle English jawe, jowe, perhaps from Old French joue, cheek.]

jaw′less adj.


having no jaws or lacking a jaw
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Adj.1.jawless - of animals having no jaw
jawed - of animals having jaws of a specified type
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Over 460 million years ago the first jawless fish swam in shallow seas of what was to become the Appalachian basin of North America.
This was thought to represent a key vertebrate innovation, allowing jawed vertebrates to outcompete their jawless rivals.
Using micron resolution X-ray imaging, they showed how a series of fossils, with a 410 million year old armoured fish called Romundina at its centre, documents the step-by-step assembly of the face during the evolutionary transition from jawless to jawed vertebrates.
Numerous jawless fishes characteristic of the Siberian Early Devonian, amphiaspidids, come mostly from the Siberian Platform, also from the adjacent Tajmyr Peninsula.
ROSEBURG - A dam on the North Umpqua River has been modified to make the spawning migration easier for lamprey - a jawless fish that is often mistaken for an eel.
The long, slender jawless creatures have lines of slime pores running down the sides of their bodies.
The convention center was packed with sci-fi fans, many in costumes (my favorite being a pretty girl made up to look like samurai-welding heroine Michonne from "The Walking Dead," complete with a pair of jawless, armless zombies made out of Styrofoam.
You are jawless Yet your jabs keep raining on me Mr.
that jawless, crippled dumbass roger ebert is being really insensitive right now.
Loss of Global Biodiversity: "22% of marine families and 57% of marine genera, including nearly all jawless fishes, disappeared.
Transcriptome analysis of hagfish leukocytes: a framework for understanding the immune system of jawless fishes.
Anglers on the River Wear tipped off Environment Agency scientists about the comeback of the sea lamprey, a jawless, blood-sucking fish that has changed little in 100 million years.