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1. Junior varsity.
2. A member of a junior varsity.

[Pronunciation of the initials of j(unior) v(arsity).]

jay′vee′ adj.


a junior varsity sports team, or a member of such a team
[from the initials of junior varsity]



2. a player on a junior varsity team.
[1935–40; sp. form of JV, abbr. for junior varsity]
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Coach Roel Guimary, Team Manager Mohamed Hameem Ritz Carlton Riyadh - Edmond Mendoza, Charles Browly, Jaypee Tulao, Muneef Mousa, Chowking Yee, Mark Onofre, Elyzah Guarin, JC Rocamora, MC Kevin Guardacasa, Christian Laguardia, John Carlo Reyes, Jayvee Agarao, Jeffrey Samson, Rommel Jagonob, Miguel San Diego, Charles Valenzuela; Coach Chow King, Asst.
At 16, I was a starting outfielder for my high-school jayvee team.
How many of us earn that kind of money to be able to qualify under the new rules," said Jayvee Tawano, a Filipino executive in the hospitality industry who earns Dh9,000 per month.
For more information about the tournament and the PBG, contact Advincula on 39997288, Jayvee Cuenca on 399988785, Isagani Manalo on 36030307, Lalaine Bodota on 39265653 or U Hilario on 66338636.
Once the RHI is in place for domestic properties, orders will come thick and fast - but until then, householders are hesitating says Lorraine Dobson, project consultant with Jayvee Renewables.
Also outlawed are reversible compounds, such as BIRDSONG SONGBIRD, BOOKCASE CASEBOOK, GUNSHOT SHOTGUN, HORSERACE RACEHORSE, and even JAYVEE VEEJAY and TOKYO KYOTO (a reversal of two morphemes that mean "capital city").
11,622 ordinary fully paid RSH shares to Jayvee & Co.
To improve your anxiety levels, take one tablet twice daily of Jayvee, which is safe to continue long term.
High School, you took a dare from a friend that you couldn't make the jayvee basketball team.
A TWO JayVee tablets, taken twice a day, would be excellent for you.
We'll never be able to eliminate paper from the real estate business, but FileWorks Online streamlines paper processes," said agent Jayvee Valdepenas.
Jayvee Casio paced the Aces with 27 points, whole Sonny Thoss fired 22, more than holding his own against the Aguilar-Slaughter combination underneath.