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Noun1.jazz group - a small band of jazz musiciansjazz group - a small band of jazz musicians  
dance band, dance orchestra, band - a group of musicians playing popular music for dancing
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It is apparent in the styling of the music that they are beyond the average jazz group; Algorhythm Trio is a modern jazz group that consistently delivers ear-catching appeal.
The Jazz group comprises a Grammy award nominated saxophonist, Tim Armacost, renowned Bass player Joseph Lepore, and drummer Michael Petrosino.
A wonderful New Orleans jazz group in church led to members dancing in the aisle
Maneesh Bakshi Doha THE three-member German Jazz group FAVO kick-started the 4th Katara European Jazz Festival by presenting an interesting pattern of melody and harmony.
Legendary rock band The Dawn and jazz group Kapamu will perform at the occasion.
Attallah is also a composer and founder of Rami Attallah Group and has operated as the main pianist of the Riff Band Jazz Group & the Los Compadres Latin Jazz Group, according to his official fan page.
After the Scholars, I joined a jazz group called the Bobby Doyle 'three.
Caption: Tenants at several Brooklyn buildings owned by Shamah Properties got recently treated to a jazz performance by The Albert Marques Jazz Group performed at One St.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A jazz group performed a brief concert for the passengers on plane around 9,000 meters above during a flight en route to ystanbul from Copenhagen on Tuesday.
poetic jazz group, she has various joint publications with other writers
Most of it came from Alison Balsom's new jazz orientated crossover album Paris so we had an amplified jazz group plus a string quartet - audible only when the drummer was silent - not forgetting the Town Hall's organ for the classical bits.
The lineups have changed over the years, but the excellent grades and reviews keep coming in -- like "the best vocal jazz group on the planet.