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(Islam) a variant spelling of jihad


or je•had


1. a holy war undertaken as a sacred duty by Muslims.
2. any vigorous, emotional crusade for an idea or principle.
[1865–70; < Arabic jihād struggle, strife]
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Noun1.jehad - a holy war waged by Muslims against infidels
war, warfare - the waging of armed conflict against an enemy; "thousands of people were killed in the war"
2.jehad - a holy struggle or striving by a Muslim for a moral or spiritual or political goal
nisus, pains, striving, strain - an effortful attempt to attain a goal
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PESHAWAR -- Federal Minister for Interior Ahsan Iqbal said Thursday that only state has the right to declare Jehad in an Islamic republic against evil forces and no citizen has the right to call for the killing of citizens.
This syllabus was reinforced when [military dictator] Zia adopted the motto of 'Iman, Taqwa, Jehad fi Sabillillah' and privatised jehad inside and outside Pakistan's national boundaries.
His dad Jehad vowed to fight the decision, saying his "family was being destroyed in front of his eyes".
In NIMN [Not in My Name] campaign, I said it's about all mob lynching including the DSP in Kashmir, the love Jehad.
MANAMA: The Association of Bahraini Travel and Tours Agents (ABTTA) has elected a new board of directors led by House of Travel managing director Jehad Amin as chairman.
Leaders of JUI-F Mufti Muhammad Ijaz Shinwari, Qari Jehad Shah Afridi, Mualana Mujahid Ahmed and Mualana Ghufranullah also spoke to the gathering.
The footage was captured by Mohammed Jehad and shows the arrests being made on the Hagley Road, close to Select Express.
They included Hassim Balawag Maute alias Apple Jehad, Abul Jabbar Tominaman Macabading, Jamil Batoa Amerul, and Muhammad Sinodin Mulok.
Israeli forces detained Eyad Barhum together with his brothers, Jehad and Muhammad from the central West Bank city of Ramallah.
According to the decree, the panel will be chaired by the Labour Minister, and comprise Sabah Salim Al-Dossary, Mohammed Ali Mohammed Al-Qaed, Shaikh Ahmed bin Isa Al Khalifa, Maha Abdulhameed Mufeez, Nabeel Khalid Kanoo, Jehad Ibrahim Ameen, Jaafar Khalil Ibrahim and Yaqoob Youssef Mohammed as members for four-year terms.
Jehad Hadji Usman top-scored with 14 points to go with 12 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals, 6 block shots for the Red Team and was adjudged as the best player of the game.