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1. Not interesting; dull: "and there pour forth jejune words and useless empty phrases" (Anthony Trollope).
2. Lacking maturity; childish: surprised by their jejune responses to our problems.
3. Lacking in nutrition: a jejune diet.

[From Latin iēiūnus, meager, dry, fasting.]

je·june′ly adv.
je·june′ness n.
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Adv.1.jejunely - in an immature manner; "his teenage son still behaves very immaturely"
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However, the French law is rooted in a century-old tradition of separating church and state that cannot and should not be jejunely abandoned.
The designation of Washington Street goes back to a jejunely patriotic America in which it was frequent for a central plat to be distinguished by the names of the U.
To be sure, Gomez-Pena is not interested in merely amalgamating different sociocultural practices out of some sort of jejunely liberal idea that U.