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This was very well complemented by the sweetness of the Cumberland sauce, which wasn't jellified (is that a word?
3 Return any broth from the bowl to the pan -- and any jellified roasting juices -- along with the chilli, ground coriander, cumin, coriander stems, lemon zest and garlic.
When Major General Curtis LeMay took charge of US Army Air Forces Pacific operations in January 1945, he ordered night raids on Japanese cities, with B-29s dropping bombs full of jellified petroleum.
As my head, arms and hips flailed like a drowning octopus, my jellified chest had a mind of its own, but I decided to work on the basis that my upper body might prove a distraction the terrible footwork underneath.
Not a pleasant experience, your legs go all jellified and you spend the rest of the run imitating daddy-long-legs.
iii) Brain: Brain matter found to be too jellified to separately identify forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain.
In the centre of the sheet place the Brill, 30g of pickled seaweed, 1 Moneybag, 30g of jellified Fish stock, 7 carrot pearls, 7 strands of sea samphire, zest of quarter of a lemon, pinch of Maldon sea salt.