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jelly bean

also jel·ly·bean  (jĕl′ē-bēn′)
A small ovoid candy with a hardened sugar coating over a chewy center.


(Cookery) a bean-shaped sweet with a brightly coloured coating around a gelatinous filling


(ˈdʒɛl iˌbin)

a small, bean-shaped, chewy candy.


[ˈdʒelɪbiːn] Ngominola f
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We loved The dessert station had at least eight flavours of jellybean -- we could be care-free children again for half an hour.
Exhibition Stand Manufacturing Company, Jellybean Creative are specialists in design, manufacture and installation of exhibition stands.
The widescreen Head-Unit of the Cape Town 940 wears the familiar look and feel of android JellyBean and offers similar functionalities like a similarly equipped android phone.
The University of Oregon football program dilemma is a simple demonstration of the "The Jellybean Theory" - when one is feeding a large grizzly bear jellybeans, one shouldn't be surprised when the grizzly bear kills and eats you at some point, after you run out of jellybeans.
PART of the iconic Glasgow Riverside Museum's Festival of Wheels programme, this weekend's Summer Jam kicks off with Purple Party Prince Tribute, featuring Candi Staton and Studio 54 legend Jellybean Benitez.
From Jellybean, the Lily Pad Frog design by Amy Biggers is made 01 100 percent polyester in Jellybean twisted loop.
Hyperion is an oddly shaped moon, looking like a 120-mile-long jellybean.
Mr G the goat and Jellybean the donkey are truly inseparable.
2 JellyBean (upgradable) with Samsung's custom TouchWiz UI, while the Sony Xperia Z Ultra runs on the same Android v4.
The yellow diamond the teen found is teardrop-shaped and about the size of a jellybean.