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So Daughtry and his crew went ashore into 'Frisco Town uheralded and unsung, the second following morning's lucubrations of the sea reporters being varied disportations upon the attack on an Italian crab fisherman by an enormous jellyfish.
I am a jellyfish, a huge, gross mass of oscillating protoplasm, a--a .
Least irritation, least effort, the ideal existence: a jellyfish floating in a tideless, tepid, twilight sea.
There's where I got the jellyfish in the dishwater an' the prize hog skinned to death.
Then it'd be me for the dishwater an' the jellyfish, I guess.
The bay looks beautiful, but you can't bathe in it because of the jellyfish.
20, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Jellyfish Art, a small company specializing in breeding and selling live jellyfish and their aquariums, surpassed $100k in 2 days on their new jellyfish aquarium on Kickstarter.
IT has been another bumper year for sightings of jellyfish in the UK, according to conservationists.
75% of records this year have involved barrel jellyfish.
AN exotic new species of jellyfish has gone on display for the first time at the Blue Planet Aquarium.
TENS of thousands of giant jellyfish are swarming off one of the country's coastal hotspots as families flock to the beach for Bank Holiday.
Also available as an audio CD or picturebook-and-CD set, Peanut Butter and Jellyfish is the DVD adaptation of a simple story created for young people ages 3-7.