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1. A female donkey.
2. A small Spanish saddle horse. Also called genet.

[Middle English genet, from Old French, from Old Catalan genet or Old Spanish ginete, mounted soldier armed with a lance, horseman, both Old Catalan and Old Spanish from Arabic zanātī, belonging to the Zanata, from Zanāta, name of a confederation of Berber tribes famous for their horsemanship.]


(ˈdʒɛnɪt) ,




1. (Animals) Also called: jenny a female donkey or ass
2. (Animals) a small Spanish riding horse
[C15: from Old French genet, from Catalan ginet, horse of the type used by the Zenete, from Arabic Zanātah the Zenete, a Moorish people renowned for their horsemanship]


(ˈdʒɛn ɪt)

1. a female donkey.
2. a small Spanish horse.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Middle French genet < Catalan, < Spanish Arabic zinētī, dial. variant of zanātī pertaining to the Zenete tribe (of Berbers)]


A female donkey. Sometimes shortened to Jenny.
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Noun1.jennet - female donkey
ass - hardy and sure-footed animal smaller and with longer ears than the horse
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Instead of falling, the cursed jennet was irritated, and carried him on more furiously than ever.
If ye see the laird, tell him what ye hear; tell him this makes the twelve hunner and nineteen time that Jennet Clouston has called down the curse on him and his house, byre and stable, man, guest, and master, wife, miss, or bairn -- black, black be their fall
A lay brother, one of those who followed in the train, had, for his use on other occasions, one of the most handsome Spanish jennets ever bred at Andalusia, which merchants used at that time to import, with great trouble and risk, for the use of persons of wealth and distinction.
It chanced on that very evening that Sir Nigel Loring, having supped before sunset, as was his custom, and having himself seen that Pommers and Cadsand, his two war-horses, with the thirteen hacks, the five jennets, my lady's three palfreys, and the great dapple-gray roussin, had all their needs supplied, had taken his dogs for an evening breather.
The man was one of seven men held under Operation Jennet, launched by Lancashire Police to combat a 'large-scale criminal conspiracy' involving drug supply across the Fylde coast.
Jennet Conant's latest book, Man of the Hour: James B.
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The ceremony was headed by Sabri Al-Daw Bakhit Ahmed, State Minister of Agriculture and Forests; Abdul Kamara, AfDB Sudan Country Office Manager; and Victor Manyong, IITA Regional Director for East Africa; in the presence of Jennet Kem, UN Women Country Representative in Sudan.
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