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Any of various small nocturnal leaping rodents of the family Dipodidae of Asia and northern Africa, having long hind legs and a long tufted tail.

[Medieval Latin jerbōa, from Arabic jarbū'.]


(Animals) any small nocturnal burrowing rodent of the family Dipodidae, inhabiting dry regions of Asia and N Africa, having pale sandy fur, large ears, and long hind legs specialized for jumping
[C17: from New Latin, from Arabic yarbū`]


(dʒərˈboʊ ə, dʒɛr-)

n., pl. -bo•as.
any small leaping rodent of the family Dipodidae, of N Africa and Asia, with a long tail and long hind legs.
[1655–65; < New Latin < Arabic yarbū‘; compare gerbil]
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Noun1.jerboa - mouselike jumping rodentjerboa - mouselike jumping rodent    
gnawer, rodent - relatively small placental mammals having a single pair of constantly growing incisor teeth specialized for gnawing
Dipodidae, family Dipodidae - Old World jerboas
typical jerboa - small nocturnal jumping rodent with long hind legs; of arid parts of Asia and northern Africa
Jaculus jaculus - a variety of jerboa
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Meanwhile, in New Zealand, young fur seals have stumbled across a safe haven in which they can learn how to avoid predators, while deep in the Gobi Desert, the long-eared jerboa learns to use its impeccable hearing to catch insect pray.
This first episode also contains elephants, some cute lion cubs, an even cuter mouse-like creature, the Long-Eared Jerboa, a baby humpbacked whale and some more meerkats.
In New Zealand, young fur seals find the perfect place to learn how to avoid predators like killer whales, while deep in the Gobi desert, the little–known long–eared jerboa has the largest ears relative to its body of any animal on earth.
Sigi meets other animals native to the desert, including camels, a hare, a jerboa, a desert sand fox, a sand cat, and a sand gecko.
The Jerboa is a small mammal that resembles a kangaroo and is also one of the fastest and most beautiful rodents.
Contract awarded for atherton jerboa cyber series steam steriliser
We want to assure the public that thanks to their support, we are always capable of busting such night or day jerboa (desert rodents) who want to terrorise people and destroy public security and safety.
These include reptiles, and mammals such as the Arabian Red Fox, the Ethiopian Hedgehog and the tiny Lesser Jerboa.
Chairman of Sweida City Council Wael Jerboa said that the law helps create administrative units capable of planning and executing development strategies for local communities efficiently, adding that it lightens the work load for small administrative units that have low financial resources.
ATLANTA, March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Jerboa Audio (Aikonia, LLC) announced today a partnership with Grammy Award-winning songwriter, producer and artist Terius "The-Dream" Nash and the production of a limited line of "The-Dream" audio speakers.
His topics include the cherry picker war, triumph at Beda Fomm, Operation Crusader, Operations Lightfoot and Supercharge in the Second Battle of Alamein, forward to Tunis, and the Black Jerboa in Italy.
Hibernation impact on the catalytic activities of the mitochondrial D-3-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase in liver and brain tissues of jerboa (Jaculus orientalis).