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jerk·y 1

adj. jerk·i·er, jerk·i·est
1. Characterized by jerks or jerking: a jerky train ride.
2. Slang Foolish; silly: jerky ideas about saving money.

jerk′i·ly adv.
jerk′i·ness n.

jerk·y 2

Meat cured by jerking. Also called charqui.

[Alteration of charqui.]
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Adv.1.jerkily - with spasms; "the mouth was slightly open, and jerked violently and spasmodically at one corner"
2.jerkily - with jerking motions; "She rose stiffly, jerkily from the window seat"
sarsılaraksarsıntı ile


[ˈdʒɜːkɪlɪ] ADV [move] → a tirones, a sacudidas; [play, write] → de modo desigual, nerviosamente


[ˈdʒɜːrkɪli] adv [move] → d'une démarche saccadée


advruckartig; (over cobbles etc) → holpernd, rüttelnd; speakholprig


[ˈdʒɜːkɪlɪ] adv (move) → a scatti; (speak, laugh) → in modo convulso


(dʒəːk) noun
a short, sudden movement. We felt a jerk as the train started.
to move with a jerk or jerks. He grasped my arm and jerked me round; The car jerked to a halt.
ˈjerky adjective
jerking; full of jerks. a jerky movement; a jerky way of speaking.
ˈjerkily adverb
ˈjerkiness noun
References in classic literature ?
she muttered jerkily, punctuating her words with murderous jabs of her pointed cleaning-stick.
Evidently possessed by some idea, he stood over those who were singing, and solemnly and jerkily flourished above their heads his white arm with the sleeve turned up to the elbow, trying unnaturally to spread out his dirty fingers.
The ticker began to reel out jerkily its fitful coils of tape, the desk telephone had a chronic attack of buzzing.
In the N office," I answered jerkily, with my eyes on my plate.
The wings flapped jerkily, click, block, clitter clock, and the machines drove up; they spread and ceased, and the apparatus came soaring through the air.
By its light I saw that the black ceiling was coming down upon me, slowly, jerkily, but, as none knew better than myself, with a force which must within a minute grind me to a shapeless pulp.
Raskolnikov, white as a handkerchief, had answered sharply, jerkily, without dropping his black feverish eyes before Ilya Petrovitch's stare.
He misjudged one aerial ball so badly he jumped jerkily and landed and had time to leap again before the cross arrived.
6[degrees]C--a White-banded Jumping Spider Hypoblemutn albovittatum was noticed jerkily moving around on a concrete tree-ring around the base of a small Bougainvillea bush in the author's back garden.
As MwE shifts jerkily between autopilot charm and rebellion against Ruby, her manager (and creator), you may feel you've stumbled into an enjoyably hokey remake of Valley of the Dolls.
Watching the esteemed leader's head turning jerkily, like an old electric fan, from teleprompter to teleprompter, I almost felt pity.
Its gears grind, its head oscillates jerkily from side to side, its arms flap, its round mouth opens and closes.