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jerk·y 1

adj. jerk·i·er, jerk·i·est
1. Characterized by jerks or jerking: a jerky train ride.
2. Slang Foolish; silly: jerky ideas about saving money.

jerk′i·ly adv.
jerk′i·ness n.

jerk·y 2

Meat cured by jerking. Also called charqui.

[Alteration of charqui.]
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Noun1.jerkiness - the quality of being spasmodic and irregular
unregularity, irregularity - not characterized by a fixed principle or rate; at irregular intervals
spasticity - the quality of moving or acting in spasms
rykkjótt gangur/yfirbragî


[ˈdʒɜːkɪnɪs] N [of movement] → brusquedad f; [of speech] → lo entrecortado


(dʒəːk) noun
a short, sudden movement. We felt a jerk as the train started.
to move with a jerk or jerks. He grasped my arm and jerked me round; The car jerked to a halt.
ˈjerky adjective
jerking; full of jerks. a jerky movement; a jerky way of speaking.
ˈjerkily adverb
ˈjerkiness noun
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The weak point of the smart sequential six-speed transmission has been its jerkiness, but this has been nearly ironed out in the Brabus models with electronic fine-tuning of the engine and gearbox computers.
Its features, sound and video quality are unmatched; users enjoy motion-smooth video with no jerkiness.
And its a smooth change into the bargain with none of the jerkiness sometimes encountered on autos.
This technology reduces bandwidth requirements, while minimizing the objectionable jerkiness which has plagued many video communication systems when transmitting.
Digitally assisted shooting techniques offered by Canon's eDrive include graceful "padded" zoom start/stops so that zooms begin and end softly and without jerkiness.
Well-known for its superior codec technology, InterVideo's patented codec algorithm enables consumers to record high-quality video clips without the jerkiness typical of handheld video cameras.
We want to give our GPS customers the enjoyment of playing their MPEG-4 video/audio without any skipping or jerkiness, and this experience will increase the value of our GPS devices.
With today's announcement, the Brix VQI has been enhanced to be "application aware," meaning it can distinguish, analyze, and correlate the key performance indicators (KPIs) related to data impairments that, in turn, contribute to picture jerkiness, blurriness, or no picture in video-based services.
Using Psytechnics' technology, Datamat will be able to assess the quality of each individual video frame, including measures for signal-to-noise, blurriness, jerkiness, skipped or frozen frames, and other errors.
Additionally, the test system provides several video degradation metrics including Blockiness, Blurriness, Jerkiness, Frame Freeze Events, Frame Skip Events, Temporal Complexity and Spatial Complexity.
VQuad is based on a perceptual comparison between reference and coded video sequences and provides quality parameters including a Video MOS (Mean Opinion Score) value combined with information such as block distortion, blurring, edge busyness, jerkiness and noise.
It provides consumers a crisp and clear picture quality without the jerkiness typical of handheld movie cameras.