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tr.v. jer·ry-built (-bĭlt′), jer·ry-build·ing, jer·ry-builds
To build shoddily, flimsily, and cheaply. See Usage Note at jury-rig.

[From dialectal jerry, defective, perhaps from the name Jerry.]

jer′ry-build′er n.
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Noun1.jerry-builder - someone who builds cheap buildings out of poor materials on speculation for a quick profit
constructor, builder - someone who contracts for and supervises construction (as of a building)


[ˈdʒerɪˌbɪldəʳ] Nmal constructor m, tapagujeros m inv
References in classic literature ?
They are jerry-builders who can fashion a toy, but nothing that is durable.
He added, Based on the current structure of contracts in the oil industry, oil contractors are viewed as a jerry-builder who can abandon the field after his work ends.
Well, jerry-builders wanted to maximise the amount of badly built dwellings they could put up quickly on as small a piece of land as possible.