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tr.v. jer·ry-rigged, jer·ry-rig·ging, jer·ry-rigs
To jury-rig. See Usage Note at jury-rig.

[Alteration (influenced by jerry-build) of jury-rig.]
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Desperate for a sense of orientation he could trust, he retreated to a jerry-rigged house in the Vermont woods, where he lived without a computer or television, and largely without human contact, for two years.
Not even the full implementation of the EPA Clean Power Rule would save aging reactors from early retirement, so the owners of those reactors have launched a major campaign to increase revenues with direct subsidies from state and federal policymakers and secure jerry-rigged market pricing rules that undermine alternatives.
Now indoor track facilities have jerry-rigged electrical outlet boards in the team areas at many indoor track and field facilities.
However, the bombs that have struck Shiite areas this year were smaller than the Bir al-Abed and Ruwaiss attacks last summer and reportedly were constructed mainly from jerry-rigged mortar rounds and rockets rather than a more powerful explosive charge like Poladyn.
It was pumping out rainwater at the tanks storing radioactive water, a by-product of a jerry-rigged cooling system designed to keep under control reactors wrecked in a 2011 earthquake and tsunami.
The storm dumped heavy rain and it had to be pumped out of protective containers at the base of about 1,000 tanks storing radioactive water, the by-product of a jerry-rigged cooling system designed to control wrecked reactors.
In response, city and LRAPA staff let the demolition contractor put up a jerry-rigged plastic and duct tape "shroud" as a way to fake actual dust containment measures.
Many of the objects on view are fascinating in themselves--Miroslav Tichy's camera, a jerry-rigged contraption built using a thread spool and an elastic strap; a reproduction of Jakob Mohr's drawing Bewei[beta]e (Proofs), ca.
Never connect jerry-rigged appliances, such as the furnace, to a portable generator.
The jerry-rigged device worked, and Yeager was safely sealed in the Bell X-1 plane, shaped like a "bullet with wings" and nicknamed Glamorous Glennis after Yeager's first wife.
Nabbous, a 27-year-old technology expert, set up a command center that bypassed the regime's firewalls and jerry-rigged a live signal.
It could have turned out to be a nightmare, but somehow General Shalikashvili jerry-rigged a miracle, bringing an end to the suffering and death and persuading 500,000 Kurds to willingly return to their homes in Iraq in an astonishingly short 90 days.