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tr.v. jer·ry-rigged, jer·ry-rig·ging, jer·ry-rigs
To jury-rig. See Usage Note at jury-rig.

[Alteration (influenced by jerry-build) of jury-rig.]
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He can hold tight and wait for this jerry-rigged government to collapse under the weight of its own contradictions.
Much of this illegal construction in Taiwan takes the form of illegal rooftop additions Jerry-rigged from scrap materials placed precariously on top of a four story building to make a flimsy "fifth floor.
House lights had to be jerry-rigged, but the stage lighting was relatively intact.
This was a jerry-rigged process from the beginning," Parrish said, of partisan lawmakers drafting the ballot materials.
Gioli devised a jerry-rigged apparatus to get the effect he was after: a gutted camera, whose lack of internal mechanisms allowed him to manually control the passage of film while shooting.
The process starts in a jerry-rigged warehouse space in Gillespie Park, a residential neighborhood on the edge of downtown.
Desperate for a sense of orientation he could trust, he retreated to a jerry-rigged house in the Vermont woods, where he lived without a computer or television, and largely without human contact, for two years.
This was a jerry-rigged network setup that allowed a group of computer researchers to check the status of the resident coffee pot to eliminate the possibility of making a long trek down several flights of stairs to get a cuppa joe only to discover that the pot was empty.
Now indoor track facilities have jerry-rigged electrical outlet boards in the team areas at many indoor track and field facilities.
The parallels Nafisi draws between Huck's renegade individualism and Farah's resistance of authority, for which she paid a high price, are absorbing, although the connection sometimes feels a bit jerry-rigged.
However, the bombs that have struck Shiite areas this year were smaller than the Bir al-Abed and Ruwaiss attacks last summer and reportedly were constructed mainly from jerry-rigged mortar rounds and rockets rather than a more powerful explosive charge like Poladyn.
It was pumping out rainwater at the tanks storing radioactive water, a by-product of a jerry-rigged cooling system designed to keep under control reactors wrecked in a 2011 earthquake and tsunami.