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a.1.Given to jesting; full of jokes.
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LATEST AVATAR: Plays a jestful grandmom in Inder Kumar's Super Nani , opening this week RECENT FILMS: Sadiyaan ( 2010), Yatra ( 2007), Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana ( 2006), Bachke Rahna Re Baba ( 2005) WHY FANS WANT HIM BACK: Rekha has remained a Bollywood diva for decades despite some dismal choice of films over the past few years.
For example, just as the jester needed to balance his jestful accusations with self-indictments, Hamlet notes that Lucianus is nephew to the king, notwithstanding the fact that it inadvertently clouds the issue of the king's guilt.
In sharp juxtaposition to what his audience might "like"--say "a rollicking, jestful fireside recollection of 'Colored people"--Baker instead, out of a sense of "social urgency," offers complementary memoirs in which he forays into the dangerous Southern landscapes of his youth in order to place them in a broader historical continuum of black modernism in the U.