Exhaust nozzle

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(Steam Engine) the blast orifice or nozzle.

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You can also apply effective broad-spectrum disinfectant through a pressure washer with a jet nozzle.
By this, it was proved that the pressure obtained at the end of the nozzle is more compared to the tank jet nozzle.
They fire a shot of air at up to 120 psi from a pressurized tank through a fan jet nozzle with a 12-in.
The Sienna[R] Visio Steam Cleaner comes with a 10 piece accessory kit including 11-inch and 8-inch squeegee attachments—-prefect to clean almost all window types and sizes; four small nylon brushes that attach to the jet nozzle or angle concentrator making it easy to clean casing, sinks, corners and along window frame borders, as well as on many other difficult-to-clean household surfaces.
2,509,603 dated May 30, 1950, depicts a jet nozzle on a belt worn by a guy on skis.
All bins are thoroughly washed on their internal surfaces by a rotary jet nozzle system, and on all their external surfaces by sustained jetting with bayonet type jets.
The eye and an ink jet nozzle have a common problem: they must not be allowed to dry while, simultaneously, they must open.
The part is moved and indexed to present the face to be deburred to the water jet nozzle.
Based on the present experimental conditions, the jet Re, the nozzle tip- toresistor spacing and cooling time have an important influence on the heat transfer of impinging circular jet nozzle, especially on the wall jet and impingement region.
The washer jet nozzle should be kept at least 20cm from the tyre surface.
The washer jet nozzle should be at least 20cm from the tyre.