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jet lag

also jet·lag (jĕt′lăg′)
A temporary disruption of bodily rhythms caused by high-speed travel across several time zones typically in a jet aircraft.

jet′-lagged′ adj.


suffering from jet lag
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Britney, 34, who has sold 32 million albums in the US alone, later confessed to BBC Radio 1: "It was so different from the set-up in Vegas I was thrown a little bit, and jet-lagged.
Jet-lagged or not, Derulo took to the mic and delivered Wiggle, Marry Me, Talk Dirty, Whatcha Say, Trumpets, In My Head, Ridin' Solo, Want to Want Me and a slew of other hits like there was no tomorrow.
A jet-lagged Andy Murray won his opening match of the year but it was not enough to prevent Britain from losing 2-1 to Italy in the Hopman Cup mixed team event in Perth.