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A jump in dance from one foot to the other.

[French, from past participle of jeter, to throw, from Old French; see jet2.]




(Ballet) ballet a step in which the dancer springs from one leg and lands on the other
[French, literally: thrown, from jeter; see jet1]



n., pl. -tés.
any of various jumps in ballet with one leg thrown outward and forward.
[1820–30; < French: literally, thrown]


(thrown step). A spring forward, backward or sideways; grand jeté is a leap from one foot to the other.
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Le Grand Jete has attracted the attention and creative juices of renowned screenwriter Larry Wilson, known for Beetlejuice and The Addams Family.
The much-travelled Grande Jete stamped himself as a probable member of Nicky Henderson's Cheltenham Festival team when turning the first division of the novices' hurdle into a procession at Wincanton yesterday.
It's a bit like a ballet dancer turning to the audience after doing a jete and saying, "Now you do it.
And whether you are a ballet buff or cannot tell your develope from your grand jete, who can disagree?
Selon la meme source, le president du club de la capitale, Nasser Al Khelaifi aurait jete son devolu sur l'attaquant algerien qui carbure actuellement en plein regime.
Le fameux aventurier et voyageur egyptien, Ahmed Haggagovic, a jete l'ancre en Egypte, apres un long periple au cours duquel, il a visite 107 pays.
Un groupe de personnes a tenu, jeudi, un rassemblement non-autorise devant le siege du district provincial de police de Sidi Ifni, lors duquel il a jete des pierres en direction des forces de l'ordre, reclamant la liberation d'un individu interpele le 30 avril pour son implication dans les actes de vandalisme perpetres sur la route nationale 12 reliant Sidi Ifni a Guelmim, precise-t-on de meme source.
This year his hopes lie with the much-travelled Grand Jete, part-owned by golfer Lee Westwood and former trainer Jeremy Hindley, and the talented but idiosyncratic Perle de Puce.
Michael Mizerany, 37, a professional dancer making a guest performance as the Nutcracker, said the young dancers are learning more than how to do a plie, jete and a pirouette.
Pour sa part, l'ex-president du conseil d'administration du MCEE, Arras Herrada, qui avait jete l'eponge en mai passe, a ete designe nouveau porte-parole de Babya.
Moins truffee de montagnes que certaines annees, l'epreuve offre une autre chance au Canadien Ryder Hesjedal, lui qui a jete l'eponge au milieu du Giro le mois dernier.
Right in step with the environmental movement, the "Solar Powered Dance Series" takes place on an outdoor platform in Stuyvesant Cove Park only a jete away from the East River.