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A jump in dance from one foot to the other.

[French, from past participle of jeter, to throw, from Old French; see jet2.]




(Ballet) ballet a step in which the dancer springs from one leg and lands on the other
[French, literally: thrown, from jeter; see jet1]



n., pl. -tés.
any of various jumps in ballet with one leg thrown outward and forward.
[1820–30; < French: literally, thrown]


(thrown step). A spring forward, backward or sideways; grand jeté is a leap from one foot to the other.
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Flower Bowl Stakes Ladbrokes: 6-4 Zhukova, 2 Grand Jete, 100-30 Dacita, 10 War Flag, 25 Guilty Twelve, 33 Beauly.
The en dehor is the foundation for most ballet steps, including first position, demi-plie, battement fondu a la seconde, pas jete a la seconde, and grand jete a la seconde.
According to the Acquisition Agreement, Novel Sino covenanted and guaranteed to Jete Power that the total actual net profit shall not be less than HK$9 million for the two financial years ending 31 December 2017 and 2018 ("Total Guaranteed Profit") ("Profit Guarantee").
Le Grand Jete has attracted the attention and creative juices of renowned screenwriter Larry Wilson, known for Beetlejuice and The Addams Family.
whereas embryo clutch size was highest in Jete and Salobrena and lowest in Nerja and SO.
Faisant allusion au jete et au coussin de la masse, le chef Bird a rappele a l'assistance qu'ils representaient << les fondements de l'autorite de la Couronne, dont l'exercice est symbolise par la masse >> (2).
GRANDE JETE, who went for home too early in Cheltenham's County Hurdle and also uprooted the last flight, is my idea of the week's banker at Aintree.
The much-travelled Grande Jete stamped himself as a probable member of Nicky Henderson's Cheltenham Festival team when turning the first division of the novices' hurdle into a procession at Wincanton yesterday.
Suite a l'intervention des agents securitaires qui les ont empeches de s'installer, les vendeurs ont jete des pierres sur les securitaires, faisant deux blesses et causant et detruisant une vitre d'une voiture de la police.
Ce dernier a jete l'eponge suite a l'echec de l'equipe nationale de se qualifier au Mondial-2017, en se classant 4e lors du dernier championnat d'Afrique 2016.
For instance, during jete performance, while the gesturing leg is working mainly in dynamic contraction, the supporting leg is working predominantly in a static way, along with the trunk area, to control posture and body placement.
Dans une declaration au journal Achourouk, parue dans son edition de ce jeudi, 22 mai 2014, Habib Rachdi a precise que les accusations du syndicat de la securite republicaine a l'encontre de certains dirigeants de partis politiques ne sont pas annoncees du vide, accusant, en outre, le president de la Republique provisoire, Moncef Marzouki d'avoir jete les jeunes tunisiens en Syrie, notamment apres avoir recu les dirigeants d'associations religieuses extremistes.