jeu d'esprit

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jeu d'e·sprit

 (zhœ dĕs-prē′)
n. pl. jeux d'esprit (zhœ)
A work of light playfulness or wit, especially in literature.

[French, play of the mind : jeu, play, game (from Old French gieu, from Latin jocus, joke; see joke) + de, of + esprit, mind; see esprit.]

jeu d'esprit

(ʒø dɛspri)
n, pl jeux d'esprit (ʒø dɛspri)
a light-hearted display of wit or cleverness, esp in literature
[literally: play of spirit]

jeu d'es•prit

(ʒœ dɛsˈpri)

n., pl. jeux d'es•prit (ʒœ)
a witty remark or piece of writing.
[literally, play of wit]

jeu d'esprit

A French phrase meaning play of spirit, used to mean something done wittily or cleverly, especially a piece of writing.
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Noun1.jeu d'esprit - a witty comment or writing
humor, wit, witticism, wittiness, humour - a message whose ingenuity or verbal skill or incongruity has the power to evoke laughter
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
References in classic literature ?
This consists of a simple gros de laine, trimmed with ashes of roses, with overskirt of scare bleu ventre saint gris, cut bias on the off-side, with facings of petit polonaise and narrow insertions of pa^te de foie gras backstitched to the mise en sce`ne in the form of a jeu d'esprit.
The subjoined jeu d'esprit with the preceding heading in magnificent capitals, well interspersed with notes of admiration, was originally published, as matter of fact, in the "New York Sun," a daily newspaper, and therein fully subserved the purpose of creating indigestible aliment for the quidnuncs during the few hours intervening between a couple of the Charleston mails.
It is a joyless and homophobic reading of that great jeu d'esprit.
The octosyllabics of Milton's jeu d'esprit become Jeffrey Robinson's rallying point, a lyric medium from Blake and Keats to Hemans as open-ended as blank verse but tonally quite other.
But there again Idris' magnificent creation, his jeu d'esprit, was itself a complex achievement.
This jeu d'esprit reveals a great deal about Keynes's fundamental attitude toward capitalism.
Brimming with insider references, crammed with made-up literary figures who borrow their idiosyncrasies and mannerisms from various real authors, something of a shadow autobiography of the author and, not least, a showcase for the poetry of the world-famous Ida Perkins, Muse is an amusing jeu d'esprit at first, but the nudge-nudge jokes go on much too long.
At the entrance in Milan, a pre-existing tower has been covered in 24-carat gold-leaf a jeu d'esprit rising above the elegant restraint of the complex below.
The opening mares' event was a real war of attrition up the home straight as Jeu D'Esprit kept on the stronger after a battle with Fit To Drive.
Its four movements exude fluency, elegance and wit in equal measure, typically French in its lithe and luminous instrumental scoring, and the audience readily shared the ensemble's evident enjoyment of this wonderful jeu d'esprit.
Greenblatt's biography is a jeu d'esprit with some objectionable parts but thoroughly brilliant insight.